Super Bowl XLVIII: Knowshon Moreno and Denver Broncos' Running Game Must Be Productive

By Ryan Wenzell
Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

The Denver Broncos‘ passing attack is well documented. They can simply shred teams through the air. The problem is the Seattle Seahawks are the No. 1 ranked team against the pass, and they have made even the most dangerous aerial attacks look mediocre.

The real question is if the Broncos are forced into running the football can they? If the Broncos are forced to become one-dimensional and throw on every down it becomes a problem. The Seahawks are a ball-hawking secondary that preys on any little mistake. The mistake rate goes up significantly if the Seahawks know what’s coming.

That’s what makes one man very important: Knowshon Moreno. The New York native will be looking to prove something to the world in his hometown. He has certainly flashed the skills of an elite back on occasion but never with any consistency.

If Moreno can play up to his capabilities and the Broncos can expose the Seahawks on the ground it would open up a whole new dimension. While the Seahawks are a stifling unit their run defense was mediocre this season. It’s the one area where they are vulnerable. Guys like Moreno and rookie running back Montee Ball can really make an impact and be the difference in this game if they are effective.

Moreno will want to shine in his home state in front of family and friends. Not only does he have the opportunity to do that, but he has the chance to be the difference maker in the Broncos hoisting the ultimate prize come Sunday evening.

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