Super Bowl XLVIII: Will Demaryius Thomas Be A Factor For Denver Broncos?

By Ryan Wenzell
Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY

Demaryius Thomas has been the most dangerous weapon for the Denver Broncos all season long. However, it is very possible that this will change in a big way on Super Bowl Sunday. The top corner in the game (who also happens to be the loudest), Richard Sherman, will be mirroring Thomas all game long in what should be a tough matchup for the young receiver.

Sherman will want to disrupt Thomas’s timing at the line of scrimmage and knock him off his routes. Sherman is simply the best in the game in press coverage. There is no doubt that Thomas has been Peyton Manning‘s favorite target all season long, but that may have to change on Sunday evening.

Manning shouldn’t be too concerned. The Broncos’ offense is loaded. There’s a reason why this is the new greatest show on turf. They are stacked at receiver with Wes Welker and Eric Decker among others, and have a beast of a tight end in Julius Thomas.

Manning will have to scan the field and assess his options. Throwing in Sherman’s direction may be a no-no. Colin Kaepernick learned that the hard way, and Manning is smart enough to know not to test the waters too often on that side of the field.

Still, if Thomas can somehow best Sherman, it might just be the biggest development in the game. After all, Thomas is one of the best receivers in the game today, especially on short bubble screens where he can use his athleticism to take the rock to the house. This will be a game of cat and mouse between Sherman, Thomas and Manning all game long. Whoever wins that individual battle may be the ultimate winner on Sunday.

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