Super Bowl XLVIII: Will Denver Broncos' Complimentary Weapons Step Up?

By Ryan Wenzell
Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

The Denver Broncos are unique in that they have four or five different offensive options that can beat an opposing defense. While the Seattle Seahawks may have a game plan of locking Richard Sherman on Demaryius Thomas all game, the Broncos may welcome that.

They have at least three or four other potent options in the passing game that can be lethal. Wes Welker is the game’s premier slot weapon. Julius Thomas may be the biggest mismatch going right now at the tight end position with his size and athletic ability. Eric Decker is also a superb no. 2 weapon on the outside. You can see the dilemma that the Seahawks are facing.

The real question is whether these guys answer the bell when their number is called. They certainly have all year long. The pressure has mounted up a notch, however, and they are facing two foes: brutal weather conditions and a superb Seahawks defense.

When the going gets tough, will these guys persevere? Welker continues to have nightmares about a ball he dropped that would have sealed a Super Bowl victory for the New England Patriots. He certainly wants to right that wrong. Thomas as a tight end will have a huge size advantage over whoever the Seahawks stick on him, whether that be Earl Thomas or not. Decker may be facing the weak link of the bunch in Byron Maxwell.

It will be important for these guys to get the job done for Peyton Manning in the biggest game of their lives. No pressure.

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