Super Bowl XLVIII: With One More Ring Peyton Manning Will Go Down As Greatest Of His Generation

By Ryan Wenzell
Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY

Peyton Manning has a lot sitting in front of him with the chance to potentially close a book on one of the greatest careers at the quarterback position the game has ever seen. If Manning wins the ultimate prize will he ride off into the sunset like the great John Elway?

Time will tell on that one, but there is still so much in front of Manning. He has the chance to win his second ring and really cap off a legendary career with multiple Super Bowl rings while being the most successful regular season quarterback of this era and setting all kinds of passing records in his late 30s. It’s really incredible, and Manning is the standard when you talk about great quarterback play.

Many people will point to Tom Brady since he has three Super Bowl rings. That’s all well and good, but the stats and the eyeball test say Manning is the superior quarterback. Remember, Brady hasn’t won a ring in nearly a decade.

Manning probably could have won quite a few more with the Indianapolis Colts if it weren’t for some suspect defenses and an average offensive line. Regardless the chance to get his second ring is a big one.

If he does indeed achieve his goal with the Denver Broncos he will become the first quarterback to win a Super Bowl with two different franchises. Once again Manning is breaking the mold.

This game means everything to Manning even if he isn’t showing it. If he loses his second Super Bowl in three tries it tarnishes his legacy no matter what anyone says. If he fulfills his goal it puts him at the forefront among the greatest of all time.

No pressure Manning. Just your legacy on the line.

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