Tom Brady Being Voted NFL’s Most Clutch Quarterback is a Complete Joke


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Wednesday morning, a lot of the talk around the NFL was about New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady being voted the league’s most clutch quarterback. In a time such as this, there could be nothing more further away from what we should be focusing on as football fans.

First of all, we’re just four days away from Super Bowl XLVIII at the moment — and you want Brady to make headlines? Come on, this is pathetic. Any NFL talk this week should belong to the Seattle Seahawks and Denver Broncos, barring any major news regarding re-signings and firings. What is the point of voting on such a title at this very moment in time? Talk about poor judgement. To speak about Brady being the best at anything this week is a slap in the face to Peyton Manning.

Speaking of Manning, I believe it is he who ranks quite a bit ahead of Brady in career comeback drives when trailing in the fourth quarter. Why yes, yes it is. Brady currently has 30 such games in his career, while Manning has engineered 40 game-winning drives, good for second all-time. Isn’t that the very definition of “clutch?” Clutch has nothing to do with Super Bowls, it has to do with which guy you trust more with the game on the line in the final minutes — with one more shot to win it.

Here’s one more thought: Is Brady in the Super Bowl this year? Is it his team in line for a Super Bowl in 2014? Is he one of the guys showing up for Media Day?

No, he’s not. It’s Manning. So, for something like this to be talked about and voted on during the week of the Super Bowl, first and foremost, is a complete joke. Secondly, for Brady to win it is questionable at best. The entire situation is an absolute blunder, if you ask me — poor timing overall and one giant slap in the face to Manning.

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  • ruyen

    PS: This wasn’t some op-ed article praising Brady. This was one of many anonymous polls that has happened recently. His peers across all teams voted him to be most clutch by a wide margin, but I guess you know better than them.

  • Michael LeDuc

    Playoff game winning drives: Tom Brady: 6 Peyton Manning: 1

    Playoff comebacks: Tom Brady: 3 Peyton Manning: 1

    You contradicted yourself. You said Brady shouldn’t be the most clutch just because he won the most Super Bowls, yet you you justify Manning being more clutch because he is in the Super Bowl this year? What?

    You’re telling me you’d rather have Manning in the last few minutes of a game? If you want a pick-6 to lose a game, sure go ahead.

    Not to mention that when they went head to head this season, Brady was down 24-0 and beat Peyton! Yes, Manning played terrific and won in the playoffs and all the credit goes to him. But that had nothing to do with clutch.

    Manning poops his pants in close games in the playoffs. Not taking anything away from him, I like Manning. But, it’s true.

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