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5 Free Agents The Atlanta Falcons Should Re-Sign This Offseason

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Atlanta Falcons: 5 Players To Re-Sign This Offseason

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The Atlanta Falcons' 2013 season was something that no one could have expected. The Falcons were talking about having Super Bowl aspirations or at least making the playoffs. No one expected the team to play so horribly and end up 4-12 behind both the New Orleans Saints and the Carolina Panthers.

The loss of Julio Jones for a good chunk of the season hurt pretty badly, but it just seemed like the Falcons could never get on track. The injuries just kept piling up and each one drove the Falcons further and further down in the standings until it got to the point where the team just couldn’t recover.

This offseason is going to come with some hard choices for the Falcons. The team has a good amount of free agents this year with the majority falling within a couple of positions. This is going to leave the Falcons with some tough choices ahead on who the team should bring back and who the team should allow to move on and try to find success with another team. Having three players at both the tackle and defensive line positions is going to mean that the Falcons will have to decide whether they want to keep players who already know the system with the team or try and revamp both lines with players from other sources.

The Falcons have 12 free agents this offseason, and these are the five players I feel the team needs to re-sign in order to give the them the best shot at improving from their disappointing season last year.

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5. Chase Coffman

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Chase Coffman was the backup tight end for the Falcons in 2013. Coffman played in 11 games last season, but he didn't register a single catch in those games. The retirement of Tony Gonzalez leaves the Falcons without a No. 1 tight end. Coffman knows the system, and unless the Falcons are able to pick up a decent tight end in the draft he should be re-signed and start the season as the No. 1 tight end.

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4. Jeremy Trueblood

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Jeremy Trueblood played in 15 games for the Falcons in 2013 and started in 10 of them. Trueblood filled in for injured players and did a good job in the process. With Sean Locklear and Mike Johnson both being free agent tackles for the Falcons, Trueblood is the best option available because he is younger than Locklear and no one knows how Johnson will play coming off of his injuries.

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3. Corey Peters

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Corey Peters was one of the starting defensive tackles for the Falcons in 2013, but he suffered an Achilles injury before the end of the season. Prior to the injury, Peters was playing very well. He had 29 tackles and five sacks, only behind Osi Umenyiora for the team lead in sacks. With Peters playing that well, it's hard to find a reason for the Falcons to not re-sign him, barring any setbacks from the Achilles injury.

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2. Peria Jerry

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As a backup plan, the Falcons should re-sign Peria Jerry. Jerry is currently recovering from an injury as well, but he had his best season as a pro last year for the Falcons. Jerry had 3.5 sacks and did well in a backup role behind Corey Peters. With Peters being a question mark, the Falcons should sign Jerry to see if he can return from his injury and improve on his career year last season.

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1. Jonathan Babineaux

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Jonathan Babineaux is the player the Falcons need to re-sign the most as a free agent. Babineaux has been consistent with his stats since he started playing for the Falcons, and there hasn’t been much of a drop-off in play. He is 32 so his age and playing ability will come into question as to when a regression may be coming, but with all the injuries and free agents regarding the defensive tackles, Babineaux is the one guy that needs to be re-signed.