5 NFL Teams That Should Take A Chance On Jonathan Martin

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Teams Who Should Take A Chance On Jonathan Martin

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Former Miami Dolphins left tackle Jonathan Martin, after months of speculation, finally went public with what happened in the Dolphins' locker room that made Martin decide to leave the team in November.

After Martin's claims of locker room abuse and racism, former teammate Richie Incognito was suspended indefinitely for his role in the turmoil.

While Incognito has been screaming at the top of his lungs about the situation, Martin remained quiet and is letting the investigation of Ted Wells determine what really happened down in Miami.

Plenty of the Dolphins brass took a major hit in this episode. General Manager Jeff Ireland was fired after years of poor drafts and sketchy behavior. Offensive coordinator Mike Sherman was not retained following a disastrous finish which saw the offensive line constantly struggle without Martin or Incognito, and Incognito is unlikely to play another down for the Dolphins.

While the writing is on the will that Martin wouldn't be welcomed back to the Dolphins' locker room, this will not stop other teams into exploring him as an addition to their team.

Martin would have to have a lot of explaining to do for him quitting on his employer, but when he does, I truly expect Martin to be back in an NFL locker room in 2014.

Martin was a second-round pick for a reason. He is a very talented offensive linemen. In a league where offense dominates, the ability to protect a franchise quarterback and open holes for a dependable running back is a premium in today's game.

These five franchises would benefit the most by taking a chance on the former Stanford and Miami Dolphin offensive lineman.

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5. Baltimore Ravens

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The Baltimore Ravens have the solid locker room culture and organizational stability that could take on a player like Jonathan Martin and not worry about any issues.

In the short term, the Ravens have to make a decision about free agent left tackle Eugene Monroe, and if not re-signed, Michael Oher could move back to left tackle, and Martin could have a shot at right tackle.

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4. San Diego Chargers

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The San Diego Chargers would be a very intriguing place for Martin to bounce back in 2014.

Not only would the Chargers need an upgrade on the offensive line, but San Diego has been through this before.

Martin would be an upgrade over the inconsistent King Dunlap at left tackle, and a San Diego Charger rookie named Manti Te'o had a lot of media attention going into the NFL last year, yet was barely heard from in San Diego his first year.

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3. Cincinnati Bengals

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The Cincinnati Bengals are the team most known for taking other teams' outcasts and making them good players with the team.

Head Coach Marvin Lewis has thrived with these types of troubled players. Adam "Pacman" Jones had question marks for the Tennessee Titans and Dallas Cowboys, then became a productive player for the Bengals.

Martin wouldn't have to play right away with a very good starting offensive line already in place, and all the off-field issues will die down with Martin learning from the bench.

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2. Indianapolis Colts

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The Indianapolis Colts would be the second best destination for Martin.

Martin would improve a weak offensive line with the potential to be the next right tackle if Gosder Cherilus can't get the job done.

Martin would also be re-united with former Stanford quarterback Andrew Luck, and the Colts organization is great when it comes to their culture and locker room behavior.

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1. San Francisco 49ers

San Francisco
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The San Francisco 49ers would be the most ideal situation for Jonathan Martin.

Martin would be re-united with former Stanford head coach Jim Harbaugh, and with a solid locker room and culture, Martin would fit in just fine.

On the field, current left tackle Joe Staley is not getting any younger, and Martin could also be featured in the 49ers' unbalanced lines as an additional run blocker.

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  • palerider2x

    I think your going to be sadly surprised then, Brian, when all of those Teams your talking about DON’T come a knocking! Martin hasn’t been silent, he just has allowed his attorney to do all of the talking. He won’t even talk to the Players Union investigator. And I and most here in SW FL think that all will find, after that investigation and the NFL investigation is made public, that Martin isn’t the innocent angel he has portrayed himself to be. I’m NOT saying that Incognito is innocent either, just that it went BOTH WAYS, and foul language was used by Martin as an excuse to quit in his team, because he wasn’t mentally tough enough to face losing his position, and perhaps his job. Now, he doesn’t have to worry about losing his job, he will get paid either way. Do you really think that the Dolphins locker room was that much different from other’s in the NFL? What Team would risk the same thing happening to their team? None. Well, maybe the 49′s due to the fact their Coach has so publicly supported Martin. He may have to give him a shot now, even though down deep, he probably regrets opening his mouth too.

  • Todd Phillips

    Talented? He was so talented he was on his way to losing his job on a medicore team. Practice squad maybe, injury mid season replacement, but not a starter He is toxic to any team that touches him. Look at the amount of damage he caused his team.