Super Bowl XLVIII: Can Seattle Seahawks Neutralize All Of The Denver Broncos' Weapons?

By Ryan Wenzell
Steven Bisig-USA TODAY Sports

The Seattle Seahawks have the stingiest, most ball-hawking secondary in the league. The question is do they have enough to stop the Denver Broncos‘ historically great offense? The Broncos have four or five weapons that can really hurt a team in the passing game.

We know all-world corner Richard Sherman is capable of locking down one side of the field, but what about the rest of the guys? Earl Thomas is a stud at safety, but at 5-foot-10 he is in for an extremely tall task trying to cover monster tight end Julius Thomas.

Eric Decker and Wes Welker are also lethal at wide receiver. It is possible Decker is Peyton Manning‘s favorite target on Sunday with the weak link in the Seahawks’ secondary, Byron Maxwell, taking on the assignment of covering him?

It truly is strength on strength. I believe the Broncos might have the slight advantage, though. They simply have too many weapons for one defense to account for at all times. With the rules geared toward offense, the Broncos are bound to score their share of points.

It is the job of the Seahawks’ defense to keep the scoreboard respectable and give their offense a chance. If they do that it is truly anyone’s ball game. Much like a few weeks ago, if it comes down to the Seahawks’ defensive backfield needing to make a play I wouldn’t bet against them either.

This should be a game for the ages. Whichever team’s strength wins out will be  hoisting the Lombardi Trophy when all is said and done.

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