Unfortunately Warren Sapp and Michael Strahan Making Super Bowl Week All About Them

By Kevin Saito
Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

Can somebody please do us all a favor and give Warren Sapp the hug/attention/validation that he so desperately needs/craves/thinks he deserves? Of course we all know by now that whenever a microphone is shoved in Warren’s face that he’s likely going to spew whatever crosses his mind — which is often hilariously entertaining. But sometimes it’s petty, annoying and altogether ridiculous. Such as this week’s dust up about Michael Strahan and the Hall of Fame voting. He is of course entitled to his opinions, but there is a time and place for everything. And this week — the week leading up to the biggest game in the lives of the players on two teams — should be about a lot of things, none of which should be Warren Sapp or Michael Strahan.

We suppose the blame for Sapp and Strahan’s back and forth should go to the Denver Broncos and Seattle Seahawks players themselves. With the media frenzy that always surrounds the Super Bowl, the unending interviews and hype, nobody on either roster has done or said anything that has made the headlines. No bold predictions, no outrageous trash talk and no juicy bits for the reporters to sink their fangs into. The players have all been courteous, respectful and even deferential. In terms of the media coverage, nobody has done or said anything that’s really all that interesting. So the media has been left with a big, empty void to fill. A big, empty void that Warren Sapp has more than happily stepped into with his commentary on Strahan’s credentials — or rather, his lack of credentials — which should keep him out of the Hall of Fame. Oh finally, a story the media can run with. And run with it they have. We’ve been treated to endless clips of Sapp popping off, Strahan responding and a seemingly constant stream of trash talking between the two former NFL greats.

Clearly when Sapp’s mouth gets running his brain is completely disengaged, because in assaulting Strahan’s statistical achievements he’s obviously overlooking one simple fact — statistically speaking, Strahan put together a better set of numbers over the course of his career than Sapp did. Sapp finished his career with 96.5 sacks. That’s 45 fewer than Strahan (141.5). Of course, if we deduct the one Brett Favre phantom sack that Sapp is perpetually whining about, that total is only 44 more. Okay, fine. But both men were named to seven Pro Bowls and have four first-team All Pro honors to their credit. Also, Strahan compiled 854 tackles over his career to Sapp’s 573. Statistically speaking, Strahan has the better resume and by Sapp’s logic, he should have been inducted into Canton before Sapp himself. But this is Warren Sapp we’re talking about, so clearly logic doesn’t apply.

But really, having to have this debate in this moment is ridiculous. This isn’t the Warren Sapp Bowl. It’s the Super Bowl and we have two fantastic teams filled with some incredible players who should be getting the attention that Sapp is taking for himself. Sadly though, in the absence of any headline grabbing stories or outlandish quotes by those players, all we’re left with is Warren Sapp running his mouth and stealing the spotlight as he’s always been apt to do.

This isn’t the time for you to grandstand and showboat, Warren. This isn’t your Super Bowl, and this week shouldn’t be about you. It should be all about those players getting ready to strap it on for the biggest game of their lives. It would have been nice had you shown a little class and respect by refraining from making it all about you by popping off when you had a microphone shoved in your face. But then, we suppose that Warren wouldn’t really be Warren if he’d shown some class and respect.

Please, for the love of all things holy, can Richard Sherman or Wes Welker please say something outrageous to give the media something to focus on other than Warren Sapp?

 Kevin Saito is a fiction writer, sports junkie, history nerd and NFL Contributor. He’s just a “clown with an opinion” and you can follow him on Twitter, Facebook or on Google.

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