5 Best NFL Head Coaching Hires

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5 Best NFL Head Coaching Hires

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As there is almost every season, there was a ton of coaching turnover on Black Monday in the NFL's calendar. Many coaches were ousted and soon thereafter new voices came in just as fast as the old ones went out.

Some big names of old such as Lovie Smith and Ken Whisenhunt were given second opportunities as head coaches. Fresh college blood like Bill O'Brien who is from the Bill Belichick pedigree of coaches will now also get his first shot to run a franchise.

It is always interesting to see the changes made from an organizational and roster standpoint when a new head coach takes over. Sometimes teams strike gold and land the right fit with the right mix of players for a specific coach, with everyone, general manager included sharing the same vision.

Other times it ends up being an unmitigated disaster. Such is life when you are a head coach in the NFL. If results aren't there, and quickly, no matter how dire the situation, you don't often last long as a head coach.

Who knows, we could talking about some of these same teams looking for head coaches next season. Just look at the Cleveland Browns. They go through a new guy seemingly every year.

Regardless, these new, fresh approaches should invigorate these respective organizations and their fan bases. Change was clearly needed and change is exactly what happened. Let us take a look at the 5 best head coaching hires in the NFL this season.

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Ken Whisenhunt

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Ken Whisenhunt gets his second shot at being a head coach this time with the Titans. The Chargers' offense under his reign was highly productive, and this man simply knows his offense. If he finds the right quarterback, the Titans may have struck gold with this selection.

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Jay Gruden

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Jay Gruden much like his brother, is an offensive guru. He is also a demanding no nonsense coach. Some of the things that have gone on in Washington the last few seasons won't fly under his watch. Look for Gruden to instill a major culture change and get the Redskins on the right track.

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Lovie Smith

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Lovie Smith was the perfect hire for the Buccaneers. He is a defensive master and this defense needs all the help it can get. Look for Darrelle Revis to have a revival in the Tampa-2 scheme under Smith. The Bucs could go back to their glory days on defense with Smith at the helm.

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Mike Zimmer

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Mike Zimmer finally gets his shot as a head coach. It was a long time coming. Minnesota Vikings' fans are going to love this guy. He is a fiery coach who won't accept anything but maximum effort on every down. That's exactly what the doctor ordered for the Vikings. Zimmer will get the Vikings ship turned around quicker than expected.

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Bill O'Brien

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Bill O'Brien was a fantastic coup for the Houston Texans. He turned a Penn State program in turmoil around seemingly overnight and was a fantastic head coach for that program given the circumstances. He comes from the Bill Belichick coaching tree and really knows his offense. If the Texans get their quarterback situation figured out, they will be back to their winning ways in no time under O'Brien.