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5 Reasons Why Josh Brent Shouldn’t Be Allowed to Play in the NFL Ever Again

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5 Reasons Why Josh Brent Should Be Banned From Playing in the NFL

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December 8, 2012; two teammates are heading home from a long practice. All of a sudden, one of the teammates begins to speed up. Before long, this particular man was driving at 134 mph on a road in which the speed limit is 45. Suddenly, a crash occurs, leaving one teammate dead, and the other guilty of manslaughter.

The two teammates in this scenario, Josh Brent and Jerry Brown, both Dallas Cowboys at the time, and by all accounts, friends. However it is due to Brent’s stupid actions that left his close friend dead; and for that reason alone, Josh Brent should be banned from the NFL forever. He has proven to be incapable of behaving in a responsible way, and it's time that the NFL does something about it.

Brent's criminal record actually extends even before this particular incident. On June 2, 2009; Brent was arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol. Apparently, Brent didn't learn his lesson, as evidenced by his drunken driving manslaughter of Brown in 2012. Add in several failed drug tests, and all of a sudden, Brent is looking more and more irresponsible.

It’s a simple concept really. Josh Brent not only does not have a future with the Dallas Cowboys, but he shouldn't have a future in the NFL. Keeping Brent in the league would not only be a nightmare from a public relations standpoints and a morals standpoint, but it would also reflect very poorly on the integrity of the NFL.

Ladies and gentlemen, five reasons why Josh Brent shouldn't be allowed to play in the NFL ever again.

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In most cases, when a player is busted for a DUI, that player tries to discontinue that reckless behavior. For Brent, it seemingly only got worse from his first charge. The man doesn’t seem to learn from his mistakes, regardless of how big or small they are. In a league that is very tough when it comes to disciplining players, there is simply no room for guys like Brent.

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Team Chemistry

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From the moment Josh Brent is allowed in an NFL locker room, he will be an instant distraction to his teammates. The man has a criminal record that seems to continue growing, and nobody is going to respect him after what happened in Dallas. Any team that would be willing to sign Brent would be signing an instant distraction.

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As I stated earlier, the NFL is perhaps the toughest league in all of sports when it comes to disciplining players. This is because Roger Goodell and co. know that by allowing the wrong players into the league, they are hurting the integrity of the NFL. In Brent’s case, the league would be making a huge mistake by allowing such a troubled player to put on another NFL jersey.

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In Brent’s case, talent is perhaps the least important issue, especially when considering what has happened off the field with this guy. With that said, Brent would only be a backup for a team, even without all the question marks. Why would any team want to sign a backup that is an instant cancer in the locker room?

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Criminal Record

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I get it, there are tons of players in the NFL with criminal records to varying degrees. However, in Brent’s case, signing him simply isn't worth the headache. He has a serious problem with alcohol, and hasn’t shown the ability to straighten himself out. Plain and simple, Josh Brent doesn't deserve to play in the NFL, and the NFL shouldn't give him another opportunity.