Dallas Cowboys Need Offseason Change, Not More of the Same

By Jeremy Martin
Jimmy Johnson
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Many people have weighed in with their opinions on the Dallas Cowboys’ coaching moves this week. One of the people that commented is former Dallas Cowboys’ coach Jimmy Johnson. In addition to stating that Dallas now has too many offensive coaches with the addition of Scott Linehan, Jimmy pointed out another issue.  He also said “The only concern I would have is that one of the problems with the Cowboys is that they have abandoned the run with Demarco Murray, and I don’t recall Detroit being a power running football team.”

Johnson’s point is valid. With Scott Linehan as offensive coordinator; The Detroit Lions threw the ball 634 times this past season, while running the ball 445 times. Dallas’ differential was even worse. They threw it 586 times, while running just 336 times. Dallas abandoned the run despite Demarco Murray averaging 5.2 yards per carry. Detroit’s Reggie Bush averaged 4.5 yards per carry.

Dallas having too many offensive coaches is a problem, but who those offensive coaches are is just as big of a problem. Jason Garrett is a former QB who wants a pass-first offense. Bill Callahan’s offenses have always been pass-first offenses. Scott Linehan also runs pass-first offenses. The Cowboys’ offense needs an offseason change, not another offensive coach with the same mindset.

Having a pass-first team with a QB that is coming off a second back surgery is a recipe for disaster. It seems like the Cowboys never learn. My dad used to say, “If you keep doing what you have always done, you will keep getting what you have always got.” If what my dad said is true, then based on Dallas’ decisions so far this off-season, I guess Dallas fans can expect another 8-8 season.

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