Ian Rapoport Accidentally Hits Fan In Face Before Super Bowl 2014

By Andrew Fisher
Super Bowl 48
USA Today Sports

It’s been a fairly uneventful week at the Super Bowl in New Jersey. There really haven’t been any crazy sound bytes or must-see videos. That is, until now. Ian Rapoprt of the NFL Network has provided the internet with this gem:

Smack! Right in the face!

Rapoport failed to connect on his high five attempt, at least in the normal sense. He sure as heck connected with that guy’s eye socket. Oh well, that sort of thing happens to the best of us. Who hasn’t missed a high five in their day?

As for what really matters, the big game, fans should be very excited about the action that’s set to unfold. The Denver Broncos and Seattle Seahawks aren’t exactly evenly matched across the board, but each team has strengths where the other is weak. The best offense in NFL history meets the Legion of Boom – you can’t really ask for much more from a viewer prospective.

So who wins and why?

I’m taking the Broncos because it’s their time. Peyton Manning is on top of his game right now and the weather isn’t projected to be bad on Sunday. That would have been the only thing that could have swayed me to pick the Seahawks.

It’s not that Seattle’s defense isn’t good enough to get the job done, it’s that I don’t think the Seattle offense can match points with Denver. Peyton is going to get his, it’s just a matter how much damage he’ll do. With Russell Wilson and the Seattle offense, it’s a matter of if they can be effective outside of running the football.


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