New England Patriots' 2014 Schedule Should Be A Lot Of Fun To Watch

By Justin Patrick
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The New England Patriots2013 season is over, and the complete 2014 NFL schedule, including dates and times, has not yet been released. But here are the home and away games the Patriots will play in 2014 and why I am really looking forward to the Patriots’ 2014 season.


Buffalo Bills (6-10 in 2013)

Cincinnati Bengals (11-5 in 2013)

Chicago Bears (8-8 in 2013)

Denver Broncos (13-3 in 2013)

Detroit Lions (7-9 in 2013)

Miami Dolphins (8-8 in 2013)

New York Jets (8-8 in 2013)

Oakland Raiders (4-12 in 2013)


Bills (6-10 in 2013)

Green Bay Packers (8-7-1 in 2013)

Indianapolis Colts (11-5 in 2013)

Kansas City Chiefs (11-5 in 2013)

Dolphins (8-8 in 2013)

Minnesota Vikings (5-10 in 2013)

Jets (8-8 in 2013)

San Diego Chargers (9-7 in 2013)

As a Patriots fan I always look forward to the games against the Jets each season. Every Patriots fan hates the Jets. Whether it’s because they play in the same division or that it feels like the Jets tampered with Bill Parcells to get him to resign as head coach of the Patriots so he could eventually take over as the Jets head coach. Or maybe because Eric Mangini makes you want to vomit or because every time you think of Bart Scott and his “can’t wait” interview you wish you could punch him in the face. It is easy for Patriots fans to hate the Jets, and I always look forward to the two games each season.

It’s exciting when the Patriots play the Dolphins and Bills each season because division games mean a little bit more. Additionally, as a Clemson University graduate I love to see Bills running back C.J. Spiller play. Don’t get me wrong, I always 100 percent root for the Patriots to win; it’s just a tremendous amount of fun to watch Spiller play.

Bring on Tom Brady vs. Peyton Manning XVI! I know we have heard about this rivalry far too much for some people, but it is a great rivalry, even if  Brady is better than Manning. Brady or Manning is an argument that cannot be won, but no matter what side you’re on in that debate I think everyone can agree it is a whole lot of fun when Brady’s and Manning’s teams square off. Remember the overtime thriller in Week 12 of the 2013 season when the Patriots beat the Broncos 34-31? Both New England and Denver will most likely be two of the few teams vying for the No. 1 and No. 2 seeds in the AFC come playoff time. This game will be really fun to watch because of Brady and Manning, but there will be more at stake than just their rivalry.

I am ecstatic the Patriots have the Lions on their schedule in 2014. There is only one reason for this — wide receiver Calvin Johnson. Does any football fan not enjoy watching Calvin play football? Only two WRs can be talked about as being the best in the league right now: Calvin and Larry Fitzgerald of the Arizona Cardinals. Those are the only two options.

I can’t wait for the Patriots to play the Packers. I am a Patriots fan first and foremost so I always root for the Patriots and anything that will help them, but the Packers are my favorite team in the NFC. I always enjoy it when the Patriots play the Packers even though it rarely happens. Plus, who doesn’t want to watch Brady and Aaron Rodgers in the same game? Two extremely talented QBs in a pass-happy league? Yes, please.

The same reasoning regarding two talented QBs holds true when the Patriots travel to Indianapolis. I know the Patriots beat the Colts pretty well (43-22) in the Divisional Round, but I am still looking forward to Brady and Andrew Luck on the same field. Talent is fun to watch. Period.

It will be extremely exciting when the Patriots travel to Minnesota. Why? Because of Adrian Peterson. Now that the NFL caters to QBs and WRs there are fewer truly dominant running backs. Many teams are either throwing more or going to a running back by committee approach or both. As a result there are fewer running backs in the NFL that are as fun to watch as Peterson is. All football fans need to enjoy Peterson while he is still in the league and performing at a high level.

The Patriots’ 2014 schedule should prove to be a fun one.  I can’t wait until the season starts.

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