Released Texts Unlikely to Save Richie Incognito's Job With Miami Dolphins

By Andrew Fisher
Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Although the controversy surrounding him has calmed down considerably in the last couple of months, it just takes one mention of the name Richie Incognito to bring it all back. Incognito is now a name synonymous with bullying. But whether he bullied Jonathan Martin or he was just treating him like ‘one of the guys’, is still very much up for debate. Why? Because of the 40 pages of text messages that have been released by Mark Schamel, Incognito’s attorney.

Here are some examples:

December 2012

Martin: “Ima egg your house & light a bag of s*** on fire then ring your doorbell.”

Incognito: “I’m going to shoot you and claim self defense. I’m white ur black I’ll walk.”

Martin: “I’m gonna give McDonald bath salts and lock him in your house with a tranquilizer gun & a box of sand paper condoms.”

Incognito: “Hahaha.”

October 2013

Incogntio: “F*** you!!!”

Martin: “I will murder your whole f***ing family.”

So as you can see, the outlandish remarks went both ways when it comes to Martin and Incognito, just as Incognito has claimed the entire time. But will these texts really change the futures of either man? I doubt it.

To me, there’s no way either player returns to the Miami Dolphins. As crazy as it sounds, I believe that Incognito actually has a better chance of returning to South Beach than Martin. Why? Because he seems to have more current Dolphins players on his side. But even if that’s the case, from an organizational POV, the Dolphins just need to move on.

Even though their offensive line took two huge hits with the losses of Martin and Incognito, the Dolphins are best served to just distance themselves from the situation all together.

We’ll all know more details in the near future, though, as both the NFL’s and NFLPA’s investigation results are set to be released following the Super Bowl.


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