San Francisco 49ers' Colin Kaepernick Speaks The Right Tone On Future Contract Talks

By Lucas Carreras
Colin Kaepernick strikes correct tone
Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Aside from the 10 unrestricted free agents the San Francisco 49ers must decide and prioritize, the team has several players with whom they can begin working on extensions. One of those players not eligible for free agency until 2015 that the team can begin contract extension talks with is quarterback Colin Kaepernick.

Like many NFL players who are not participating in the Super Bowl game itself, Kaepernick made the rounds on Thursday doing some promotional work. Aside from serving as a spokesman for the respective company he was representing, Kaepernick answered a number of questions, and one of those is of interest to 49ers fans related to future contract talks.

In answering said question, Kaepernick made it clear that while he wanted to be paid fairly for what he has done when compared to some of his peers he also recognized that in order for the 49ers to be able to sign key unrestricted free agents like Anquan Boldin he needed to be flexible in his demands. This talk from Kaepernick with regards to his contract situation and potential demands is a very positive and lays the groundwork for what can be relatively smooth talks between Kaepernick’s agent and the 49ers.

Kaepernick showed great awareness in recognizing that in order for the 49ers to keep key players around he also has to give a little to ensure that the team is not weakened while he also gets paid at the same time. We can look at several teams who gave their quarterbacks big money deals and have lost a key player or two in the process which has ended up coming back to haunt said teams.

Whether or not the 49ers and Kaepernick end up working out a contract extension during this offseason or sometime during the the 2014 season, the fact is the QB’s statements on Thursday show that he and the club can begin contract extension talks with a positive approach. It goes without saying that such extensions take some time and can be arduous, but at the very least Kaepernick has at least shown that he recognizes he needs to give a little and the front office must meet him halfway.

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