St. Louis Rams Rumors: Return To Los Angeles Looming?

By Andrew Fisher
Los Angeles Rams
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It seems that we can’t go a whole season without rumors swirling about the future of the St. Louis Rams. As of now, the on-field future looks pretty bright for the Rams. They’ve got solid pieces in place with a very good head coach running the show. Fans should be eagerly awaiting the start of the 2014 regular season. But there’s one question that keeps popping up – will the Rams return to Los Angeles?

Normally, these ‘return to L.A.’ rumors are pushed aside and they’re basically written off. Mainly because there’s always buzz about a team moving to Los Angeles. But now the Rams-to-L.A. rumors have gained some serious steam. Why? Because team owner Stan Kroenke has reportedly purchased a 60-acre lot in Inglewood. The kicker is that the Rams are able to leave their current home in St. Louis after the 2014 season.

So for the first time in a long time, L.A. Rams rumors could be very legitimate.

I’m of the belief that the NFL needs a team in Los Angeles. All of the talk about putting a team in London seems nutty, because the league doesn’t even have a team in one of the biggest US cities.

On top of everything else, this would be a good move for the franchise. St. Louis doesn’t need the Rams and as long as the team remains there, it’s never going to be high-profile. If that’s what Kronenke is after, to improve the stock of his brand, there’s no better way to do it than by moving out West to the highest profile city in the country.


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