Super Bowl XLVIII: Can Richard Sherman Get In The Denver Broncos' Heads?

By Ryan Wenzell
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Richard Sherman‘s favorite thing to do besides play football is talk. He conceivably talks from the moment he wakes up until the moment he goes to bed.

He must really be loving media week then as Sherman has gotten to show off the brash and goofy side of himself. I am sure he will do more of it between the white lines on Sunday. The question is will he get into the Denver Broncosheads?

Sherman’s ultimate goal when he carries on the way he does is to berate the opponent into getting off of his game. Peyton Manning has done and seen it all, so I don’t think Sherman will bother the thick-skinned Manning.

Will he throw his favorite target Demaryius Thomas off of his game? That is entirely possible. When Sherman is given an assignment he usually sticks to it like white on rice. There won’t be a whole lot of operating room for Thomas on Sunday evening. Thomas and Manning love the quick bubble screen that allows Thomas to use his athletic gifts in the open field. Sherman, however, is the premier screen defender in football. His instincts for the position prevail as he is superb at snuffing out screens before they get started.

This will be a chess match all game long and one that’s worth watching. Manning certainly has other targets. However, if Thomas is taken out of a game the offense becomes far less dynamic and explosive. Manning knows not to test Sherman too often as that is playing with fire. If the Broncos want to hit on the big play, though, Manning may just have to risk getting burned.

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