Super Bowl XLVIII: Can Wes Welker Overcome His Super Bowl Demons?

By Ryan Wenzell
The Star-Ledger-USA TODAY Sports

Wes Welker must be relishing the moment to play in another Super Bowl. If you remember correctly a ball was thrown right in his bread basket that would have sealed up another Super Bowl win for the New England Patriots.

Unfortunately, Welker dropped the ball, and it ended up costing the Patriots a championship. No doubt Welker has been stewing on that moment the past few seasons. Welker is as sure-handed a receiver as there is in football, but sometimes, especially in big games, he tends to drop balls.

Is it the pressure of the moment? Is the drop from two seasons ago in his head? Whatever the reason he needs to figure it out and quick. Welker will be a go-to target of Peyton Manning‘s on Sunday. He is a deadly slot weapon, and with the Seattle Seahawks‘ ability to shut down receivers on the outside the middle of the field will be a go-to area for Manning.

Not many athletes get to atone for mistakes of the past. Welker gets that rare opportunity on Sunday in what is surely the biggest moment of his career. He will want to prove his critics wrong by making the play that wins the game rather than loses it.

He will get his fair share of opportunities too. Will he make the most of them? The Denver Broncos and Manning are counting on him to do just that. It is more than Welker’s legacy that is riding on this game after all.

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