Tim Tebow Deserves Some Credit For Denver Broncos' Success

By Tylor Walden
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The Denver Broncos are preparing for their first Super Bowl since the 1998 season. I have stated in a previous article that the Broncos have come a long way since their dismal 2010 season. While John Elway and Peyton Manning have led the team to this point, there is one quarterback who began the charge current working as an analyst.

Former Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow may not have been the best quarterback in most of the eyes of fans, but there is no denying that he basically brought the Broncos back to their winning ways. While his style of winning was putting most fans and the team on the edge of their seats while Manning gets an early lead and keeps it that way, Tebow brought faith back into the Broncos’ fanbase and organization.

After their unexpected 2005 AFC Championship Game loss to the Pittsburgh Steelers, the team struggled to get back to the playoffs. Jake Plummer was surprisingly falling apart and Jay Cutler did not make matters better. They thought Kyle Orton would be the answer, but he crashed and burned. After a 6-0 start in the 2009 season, they lost eight of their final 10 games and were just doing horrible in 2010. While Josh McDaniels did get fired during that nightmarish season, he in a way did the Broncos a favor by drafting Tebow. Eric Studesville, the Broncos’ current running back coach, gave the team a taste of Tebowmania when he decided to start the quarterback in the final games of the season.

Seeing what Tebow was capable of gave the fans hope, and when current head coach John Fox saw Orton struggling once again he was not having the same result from 2010 so he was yanked in favor of Tebow. The rest was history. I don’t need to go into detail of what happened from there; I’m sure you are all familiar. But let’s just say Tebow led the Broncos to a division title and helped the Broncos defeat the Steelers, the team that ended their playoff run six years earlier.

But what does Tebow have to do with the Broncos getting to the point they are at now? Well, when Manning was released he wanted to go to a team that had the potential to take the steps necessary to win and was not in the same conference as his brother Eli Manning. What Tebow did in Denver indirectly favored the Broncos because Manning saw that the team had talent around them and just needed a little extra push.

They say everything happens for a reason. I believe if it was not for Tebow the Broncos would have never gotten Manning and would not be where they are now. It is sad that the move cost Tebow his job, but a true fan will not forget that Tebow, while he is no longer with the Broncos, managed to pull one last trick up his sleeve and bring the Broncos back to the good old glory days of what they are today.

Hats off to you, Mr. Tim Tebow.

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