Wes Welker Walks Away From Awkward Pre-Super Bowl Interview

By Andrew Fisher
Wes Welker
USA Today Sports

Wes Welker is apparently tired of answering questions before Super Bowl XLVIII. I guess you can’t blame him, because most of us have no idea what it’s like to be subjected to the Super Bowl media. To say that players get ravaged by reporters during SB week, is putting it lightly.

Check out an un-enthusiastic Welker as he sits down with Michael Landsberg on the Canadian show Off the Record:


While I get Welker’s pain, there’s no denying that he was unfair to Landsberg in this interview. The Denver Broncos WR wasn’t respectful and he really acted immaturely. I don’t care how many interviews he’s done, there’s no good reason to act like that. Sure, some of the questions from Landsberg were dumb, but that’s the norm for pre-SB questions.

Is it a big deal that Welker basically walked out on this interview? Not really, because he put in his required time. But it shows that Welker isn’t exactly in the same league of class that his QB is.

But when it comes time to throw down in what really matters on Sunday – the game, Welker will be a true pro. He’s got plenty of SB experience under his belt and the Broncos are lucky to have a veteran like him in their receiving corps. I’m predicting that Welker will set the tone for the Broncos this Sunday. He’s going to come out of the gate strong with some catches in the first quarter and then Manning will go to work in the second half with his top pass-catcher, Demaryius Thomas, to seal the deal.


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