Why Richard Sherman May Be A Non-Factor In Super Bowl XLVIII

By Steven Carollo
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

We all know Richard Sherman is the best cornerback in the game. I mean he said it himself in that infamous post game rant after his Seattle Seahawks defeated the San Francisco 49ers in the NFC Championship Game. In all seriousness though, Sherman is arguably the best cornerback in the game, but not even his stellar reputation and actions on the field will amount to anything in the Super Bowl.

What do I mean?

Well his opponent, the Denver Broncos, have the No. 1 ranked offense in all of football, and their quarterback, Peyton Manning, is these smartest quarterback in football today and arguably of all time. So why would Manning even attempt a pass in Sherman’s direction? It’s not that Sherman is going to have a bad game on Super Bowl Sunday but just that Manning will not allow him any opportunities to make a play.

If you are Manning and you have all of the offensive weapons that he has at not only wide receiver but also tight end and running back, why would you throw the ball to the one player that Sherman is covering?

I believe Manning will force the Seahawks’ defense to make Sherman play zone instead of man to man. If that happens Manning will overload his side so he cannot cover all three receivers, and if he can then he truly is the best cornerback in the game.

Now the Seahawks have the No. 1 ranked defense for other reason than just Sherman because one player does not make a defense the best in the NFL. I think it will be up to Sherman’s teammates to come through with huge games in order to stop Manning and the Broncos offense. The way I see it, unless Manning has an off game I don’t see Sherman getting a chance to make a big play on Super Bowl Sunday.

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