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5 Biggest Offseason Needs For Philadelphia Eagles

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5 Biggest Offseason Needs For Philadelphia Eagles

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The Philadelphia Eagles enter the offseason on a high. With little expectations in Chip Kelly's first season as head coach the Eagles went 10-6, won the NFC East and hosted a Wild-Card playoff game.

While they did ultimately lose just getting there should be considered a win in Kelly's first year on the job. Kelly is building a culture that's going to last. For a guy who was in his first year on the job you would never know it. Kelly was not scared of the big stage of the NFL. He coached with confidence and conviction which is something rarely seen in first-time head coaches.

It is clear now that Kelly has a vision for the type of football team he wants to field and the type of players and athletes he is looking for. He wants to play quick in all phases.

He also wants big, long players, especially on the defensive side of the ball. As he said in his post-draft press conference last season, "big people beat up little people." It is a sound philosophy that worked wonders during his tenure as an Oregon Duck.

The Eagles enter the offseason facing quite a bit more roster turnover. It became clear that some people just didn't fit in Billy Davis' 3-4 scheme on defense as the season progressed. Change is coming, especially on the defensive side of the football.

Just as we saw in Kelly's first year expect a lot of roster movement as the months wear on and the Eagles try to build a complete team on both offense and defense. Let's take a look at the 5 biggest offseason needs for the Philadelphia Eagles

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5. Cornerback Depth

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The Eagles' corner play was much better this season, but they desperately need depth and youth at the position. After starters Bradley Fletcher, Cary Williams and Brandon Boykin, the depth chart looks awfully thin. The Eagles need to draft or sign guys they can rely on if there are injuries. An injection of youth wouldn't hurt either as Williams is getting up there and isn't the long term answer.

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4. Wide Receiver Depth

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The Philadelphia Eagles face some real decisions at the wide receiver position. Both Riley Cooper and Jeremy Maclin are pending free agents. It is possible one or both walk. Regardless, the Eagles need to add more depth at the receiver spot and get more Chip Kelly guys to run his run and gun system.

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3. Kicker

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The kicking game and specifically Alex Henery really let the Eagles down especially in the postseason. Henery missed a make-able kick that could have been the difference between moving on and going home. The Eagles need to find a reliable guy with a big leg. Henery simply doesn't cut it in that department.

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2. Pass Rusher

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Pass rusher is a crying need for the Philadelphia Eagles. Trent Cole's better days as a threat off the edge have come and gone. Connor Barwin is a nice complementary pass rusher that can also cover, but can't be relied on as a No. 1 option. Drafting or signing a stud pass rusher should be at or near the top of the Eagles' wish list.

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1. Safety

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The safety position has been a problem for the Eagles since Brian Dawkins left. They have tried drafting guys, and they have tried signing veterans; nothing has worked. Safety needs to be re-evaluated and be the top priority this offseason if the Eagles want to go back to being a respected and feared defensive unit.