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5 Most Intriguing Seattle Seahawks Storylines To Watch For In Super Bowl XLVIII

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5 Most Intriguing Seattle Seahawks Storylines To Watch For In Super Bowl XLVIII

Richard Sherman
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Not to brag on myself, but the Seattle Seahawks were my preseason favorite to represent the NFC in the Super Bowl. Fueled by one of the most intimidating defenses in the NFL and arguably the greatest home-field advantage in league history, the Seahawks are in East Rutherford, New Jersey prepared to become the first Super Bowl winning team in franchise history.

In order to accomplish this goal, Seattle has to contend with the greatest offense in NFL history -- by the numbers at least -- and a perceived disadvantage at the quarterback position. Fortunately, the Seahawks have watched Russell Wilson make fools of anyone who has dared to doubt him, and this will be a prime opportunity for him to do it one more time against Peyton Manning.

Even coming out of college, Wilson dealt with the constant criticism coming from his naysayers as he wasn't drafted until the third round in 2012. Even more appalling in hindsight is the fact that in addition to Andrew Luck and Robert Griffin III, Ryan Tannehill, Brandon Weeden and Brock Osweiler were all taken in front of Wilson at the quarterback position.

Obviously the Seahawks were the victors in the 2012 Draft, but Seattle wants to emerge victorious in the biggest game of their professional lives. There are a few things we as observers can keep an eye on to know if the Seahawks are on track to accomplish their goal. The Seahawks are one of the most compelling teams to ever reach the Super Bowl due to their over the top personalities from the head coach to the players on the field, but here I have broken down the 5 most intriguing Seattle Seahawks storylines to watch for in Super Bowl XLVIII.

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5. How Well Will Percy Harvin Perform?

Percy Harvin
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Percy Harvin has battled a hip injury all season and has just one catch for 17 yards on the season, but don't ignore the potential impact Harvin could have on this game. Harvin finally appears to be healthy for the Super Bowl after being knocked out of the Seattle Seahawks playoff game against the New Orleans Saints with a concussion. Pete Carroll has high praise for Harvin's performance in practice this week, and the wide receiver appears to be ready to contribute in a big way against the Broncos.

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4. Can Russell Wilson Help Break The Stigma Of The Mobile Quarterback?

Russell Wilson
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Somehow even after compiling 3357 yards on the season with 26 touchdowns and only nine interceptions, there are still people who question Russell Wilson's ability to be successful as a passer. Steve Young faced the same criticism after following in Joe Montana's footsteps with the San Francisco 49ers. Young won a Super Bowl as the starter way back in the mid-1990s, and football experts are still having this nonsense pocket passer versus mobile quarterback debate. If the Seahawks lose this game, it won't be due to Wilson's tendency to scramble. You can rest assured of that.

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3. How Many Big Runs Will Marshawn Lynch Break Off Against Denver?

Marshawn Lynch
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Suppose the Broncos' offense fails to generate any points on their first few possessions. That would cause big trouble for Denver's defense as they will surely be facing the prospects of containing Marshawn Lynch on nearly every play. In two games this postseason, Lynch has carried the ball 50 times for 249 yards and three rushing touchdowns. That means if the Seahawks aren't having to keep pace with Denver's offense Lynch will end up going “Beast Mode” all over the Broncos' defense.

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2. How Is Richard Sherman Going To Factor Into This Game?

Richard Sherman
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After emphatically letting lesser-informed football fans know that he is “the best corner in the game,” Richard Sherman has to come up big for the Seahawks in Super Bowl XLVIII. Unfortunately, the Denver Broncos have enough weapons at the wide receiver position to simply avoid throwing in Sherman's direction. Then there is the question of whether Sherman will cover Demaryius Thomas, Eric Decker or Wes Welker. Unfortunately, Sherman may have already given his best performance during his Super Bowl interviews this week, because no matter how good he claims to be, he can't cover all of Denver's receivers by himself.

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1. How Will The Seahawks Perform Away From The 12th Man?

CenturyLink Field
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The Seattle Seahawks reached this point on the strength of their stellar play in front of their home fans. The Seahawks destroyed the Broncos 40-10 during a preseason matchup at home, but the Seahawks have not been quite as dominant in road games over the course of the last two seasons. Seattle has won 56 percent of their road games during the regular season, which is a good percentage in the NFL, but that is a significant drop off from winning 94 percent of their home games during that same span. The Broncos know first-hand how tough the Seattle Seahawks can be, but their chances greatly improve in a neutral site game.