Richie Incognito: 5 Teams That Should Take Chance on Miami Dolphins OG

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5 NFL Teams That Could Be Interested In Richie Incognito

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One of the more compelling stories of the 2013 NFL season was the soap opera drama of the Miami Dolphins. The drama stemmed from an apparently abusive relationship between teammates Richie Incognito and Jonathan Martin. Apparently Incognito had been bullying Martin for quite some time. The boiling point came during a team lunch when Martin stormed out and slammed his plate of spaghetti to the floor. What a shame. Spaghetti shouldn’t be wasted, no matter the situation.

At first, most people vilified Incognito like he was in Al-Qaeda or something. All I heard was, bully this, and bully that. As more facts started to come out, Incognito slowly was not looking like the boogeyman he had been portrayed as. Don’t get me wrong, Incognito is no boy scout. In fact, Incognito reminds me of that typical high school jock. A real life version of Biff Tannen (maybe not that bad) always making fun and torturing the poor nerdy kids. It’s kind of hard to turn that off when you get older and pursue a career in athletics. Still, what I gather from the Incognito-Martin situation is that Incognito gave Martin a little bit of a hard time and might have crossed the line a few times.

The scandal caused Incognito to be suspended by the Dolphins for the rest of the year, and likely forever. No need to cry over spilled milk, though. Several other teams could use the services of a veteran guard like Incognito. The real question is, who would take a chance on him? I believe these five teams should take a hard look at Incognito.

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Seattle Seahawks

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The Seattle Seahawks are a team with very few weaknesses. One of them, however, is their offensive line. The Seahawks could desperately use some toughness on the offense, that could match that of their defense. Incognito could be that guy.

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New England Patriots

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The New England Patriots would be an interesting option for Incognito. It's unsure how much Logan Mankins has left in tank. Even if Mankins sticks around, the Pats are a little weak on the interior. The Pats have taken chances on troubled players before (Correy Dillion). Incognito could be yet another steal for the Pats.

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San Diego Chargers

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The San Diego Chargers improved greatly on the outside of their line with the help of rookie OT D.J. Fluker. The interior of their line, on the other hand, is an absolute mess. Phillip Rivers deserves better.

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Buffalo Bills

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The Buffalo Bills current guards Eric Wood and Doug Legursky are not exactly stable fixtures in the middle. Incognito would be a nice upgrade there. Add to the fact that he'd be able to play against the Dolphins twice a year. Now that would be fun my friends.

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Indianapolis Colts

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The Indianapolis Colts had the worst interior line play in the league and poor Andrew Luck was left to suffer. If the Colts want to compete with the Patriots of the world, they'll need to start getting tougher, and that would start from the interior with Incognito.