5 Coaches Who Deserve 2013 NFL Coach Of The Year More Than Ron Rivera

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5 Coaches More Deserving Of 2013 NFL Coach Of The Year Award Than Ron Rivera

2013 NFL Coach of the Year
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The 2013 NFL Coach of the Year award went to Riverboat Ron Rivera this year. While a deserving candidate, there were several other coaches in the league who did a better job with what they were given. Rivera was at the forefront of the league when it came to strategic in-game decisions, but that’s only part of what a coach does.

These five coaches all did a better job of leading their teams this season. Some did more with less, some simply did more, but all were more well-rounded as coaches. Rivera may be good at managing a game, but so much of that success is due to his decisions turning out well.

Too often, both in life and in sports, we judge decisions by the outcome. That’s shortsighted, and giving Rivera the award because his team made him look good time and time again isn’t the same as giving the award to a coach that made his team look good over the course of the year.

Coaching in the NFL is just as much babysitting as it is calling plays and making decisions as to whether or not to go for it on fourth down. Rivera didn’t get better at his player management this year, in fact he still lags far behind some of his contemporaries in that department. Rivera is a good coach, but to put him in the elite category is a mistake.

These five coaches all deserve the title of Coach of the Year more than Rivera this season.

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5. John Fox

John Fox
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John Fox led the Denver Broncos to the Super Bowl, so he has that going for him. While Peyton Manning may be the biggest reason, Fox has still done a good job keeping his team on target during a season where they have been the prohibitive favorite in the AFC. Just because you were supposed to be good, doesn't mean it isn't hard to live up to those expectations.

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4. Chip Kelly

Chip Kelly
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Chip Kelly may not have revolutionized the NFL like many thought he would, myself included. But, he still managed to lead an under-manned Philadelphia Eagles squad to the playoffs and make Nick Foles look like an elite quarterback. That's pretty good coaching.

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3. Jim Harbaugh

Jim Harbaugh
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Jim Harbaugh took the San Francisco 49ers to the NFC title game despite a poor season from Colin Kaepernick and the rest of his offense. Sure, they can't get passed the Seattle Seahawks or win the big game, but lesser coaches wouldn't even get them close like he has.

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2. Bill Belichick

Bill Belichick
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Bill Belichick will go down as one of the best coaches to walk an NFL sideline, and this season will be looked backed on as one of his best efforts. The New England Patriots had no business even being a playoff team with all their injuries, but after every one Belichick found someone to step up and play well. That doesn't happen by accident, it happens because he's the most thorough coach in the league.

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1. Andy Reid

Andy Reid
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It's too bad that the job Andy Reid did this year with the Kansas City Chiefs will forever be marred by their epic collapse in the playoffs. Reid took a team that was the worst in the league just one year before and led them to the postseason, and the only real difference between his team and the previous year was Alex Smith. Seriously, that was it. Sure, Reid isn't the guy you want to lead your team to a championship, but he does the best job of getting the most wins out of his teams.