5 Players Who Deserved 2013 NFL Comeback Player of the Year More Than Philip Rivers

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Philip Rivers: 2013 Comeback Player of the Year

Philip Rivers
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The 2013 Comeback Player of the Year was awarded to Philip Rivers, and while Rivers was a worthy candidate, many fans felt that there were far more deserving players of the award.

Until this past season, Rivers seemed to just be wasting away with the San Diego Chargers. He was becoming known for his interceptions more than his touchdowns, and it just appeared to be a matter of time before he was out of a job. Rivers completely turned his career around in 2013 and he had one of his best seasons ever; he threw the most touchdowns in his career this past season with 32 and he only had 11 interceptions. The Chargers had a nice run in 2013, and Rivers really brought the team together with his renewed enthusiasm.

There is different criteria for winning the Comeback Player of the Year title, and many fans like to see a player who has suffered an injury in the previous season win the award. Even if you aren't a professional athlete, every sports fan is aware of how an injury can plague someone in their daily life. Every athlete normally attests to the fact that their body is not the same after an injury, but they still try to find a way to take the field and stay competitive. Imagine having some part of your body injured, and then you have to worry about a 300 pound man landing on top of you. It is truly amazing how athletes such as Adrian Peterson can return from a very serious injury and still dominate the league. These are the type of comeback stories that the fans root for.

The other way that you can win the award is by overcoming some type of adversity faced the previous season. This adversity could be poor performances, off the field issues, or anything that hindered the normal standards of a player. Michael Vick is an example of a player who did not play in the NFL for several years, but came back in 2010 to win the award.

The Chargers improving on offense does not warrant Rivers winning this award , however, and there are other players who overcame more than Rivers. Without further ado, I would like to present the five players who deserved Comeback Player of the Year more than Rivers.

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5. Vernon Davis

Vernon Davis
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Vernon Davis not only had to overcome injuries in 2012, but he found himself with a new quarterback as well. Davis improved from 548 receiving yards and five touchdowns in 2012 to 850 receiving yards and 13 touchdowns in 2013.

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4. Knowshon Moreno

Knowshon Moreno
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After almost everyone wrote off Knowshon Moreno, he went on to have the best year of his career in 2013. Moreno had a great season with 1,039 rushing yards, 548 receiving yards and 13 total touchdowns.

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3. Pierre Garcon

Pierre Garcon
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Things were shaky in Washington this year, but Pierre Garcon provided his team with stability. After only playing in 10 games in 2012, Garcon finished his 2013 season averaging 84.1 receiving yards a game, caught over 100 passes, and totaled 1,346 receiving yards.

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2. LeSean McCoy

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Every Eagles fan was excited to see what Chip Kelly could do with LeSean McCoy, and the city of Philadelphia was not disappointed. McCoy did not have a bad season in 2012, but his 2013 campaign was absolutely staggering. In 2013, McCoy rushed for more than 1,600 yards, scored a total of 11 touchdowns, and accumulated 539 receiving yards.

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1. Alex Smith

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Alex Smith was one of the most inspiring comeback stories of 2013. After losing his job in San Francisco, Smith threw for the most touchdowns and passing yards of his career. Not only did he provide inspiration for any athlete who lost their starting role, but he helped the Kansas City Chiefs become a respected football team.

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  • Emmett Buck Stiernagle

    Dude u are the most stupid writer on the internet. You list five players who are more deserving hahahaha the whole list is players who were average the year before and then had good numbers. O I’m sorry u listed two guys who had a couple minor injurys last year. U suck dude

    • Jack Delaney

      Who would you have picked?

      • Emmett Buck Stiernagle

        Definetly not players who had down seasons. If there was a player who was good for a few seasons then does poorly for two or more seasons and then comes back to top form now that’s a comeback in terms of poor play. One down season is an utter joke and for people to believe it isn’t well that’s just plain ignorance. As a writer who has influence you shouldn’t be spreading this fake and undeserving idea of a comeback

        • Jack Delaney

          It is interesting that you would not include a player with a singular poor season as a Comeback Player of the Year. Some of the criteria for the award are overcoming poor performances or some type of adversity which is not held to a certain time frame. Poor play does not consist of a set amount of seasons, and if it did, the award should perhaps be given every five years instead of every year to encompass the data that you are suggesting to be used. Even with that being said, the players listed in the above article have had career seasons this year.

          Vernon Davis accumulated more receiving yards in 2013 than he did in the previous two season, and he scored the most touchdowns of his career since 2009, which seems to fit your definition of a player who has greatly improved from the past several seasons.

          Knowshon Moreno rushed for 139 yards in 2011, and only 528 in 2012. He played a combined total of fifteen games in those two season, and it looked like his career may be over in the NFL. Moreno missed doubling his rushing total from 2012 by only 17 yards. Even with his previous season struggles, the way that Moreno became involved in the offense and his production would make him a worthy comeback player for just one year of work.

          Pierre Garcon is another player who doubled his receiving yards from one season until the next, and in between playing for two different teams, Garcon posted the most receiving yards and receiving yards per game in his career in 2013. From 2009-2012, his receiving totals averaged 782 yards a season. His 2013 total of 1,346 yards showcased his best season ever, and it also showcased your definition of a player improving from several seasons.

          LeSean Mcoy only had 25 more rushing yards than RG3 in 2012, and only 40 more than Michael Turner. Again, McCoy was another individual who was only 73 yards away from doubling his previous season rushing total, improved his previous season receiving total by 166 yards, and scored 6 more touchdowns. I can understand that people may not deem his 2013 as a comeback, but the way that he improved to be one of the most feared backs in the NFL again does warrant an award.

          Alex Smith was the ultimate comeback story. He went from a team that didn’t want him, to a team where he posted some of the best numbers of his career. Smith was considered a disappointment throughout his career, but the 2013 season showcased Smith as a true comeback story.

          The statistics these players have produced in 2013 were some of the best of their careers. Not only did they drastically improve from one season to the next, but you can also use the data to sustain your opinion that a player should be looked at over several years to become a comeback player for a certain year.

          Thank you for the comments, and again, I would post the question to you once more that I would be interested in you naming the players that you feel should have been given the award for Comeback Player of 2013.

          • Emmett Buck Stiernagle

            Damn I just wrote a long reply but ipad ran outta battery and deleted. I’ll keep his shorter lol. Garçon has been very very consistent his whole career if anything it was a breakout year not comeback. Moreno never broke 1000 yards prior to this season and he barely did it this year but if u wanna call that a comeback there are tons of below average players returning to form. And same with smith if he wasn’t benched last year it would be three years running with below average stats, pls don’t use coach and management decisions dictate what a come back is, I root for smith tho. McCoy had a 4.2 yard average last year and shows he wasn’t used properly. He had his second highest receiving total last year prior to this season. There’s a case for Davis but the last two year he has averaged 650 yards and 5 tds I know he can produce better but he always hasn’t so and don’t forget those numbers are very respectable. It’s a shame my original reply deleted it went into more details but can’t be bothered.

            Like I said before Brent grimes deserves it. He made his first probowl to get tagged the next season. He got injured the first game and missed the whole season forcing him to sign a one year prove it deal. He CAMEBACK to probowl form to not surrender a single td and rated as one of the top at his position. Revis I would say is very deserving as well and rivers did very very good too but injurys override poor play all day every day

      • Emmett Buck Stiernagle

        Brent grimes hands down.

  • Dewbert

    Brent Grimes.