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5 Reasons Why Eddie Lacy Deserved the 2013 NFL Offensive Rookie of the Year Award

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Eddie Lacy: 2013 NFL Offensive Rookie of the Year

Eddie Lacy
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It is hard to argue with the fact that Eddie Lacy deserved to be the 2013 NFL Offensive Rookie of the Year. Lacy is the equivalent of having a bulldozer out on the football field, and many defensive players were left with bruised egos after trying to tackle Lacy.

Even with the dominant year Lacy produced, there are still many fans who disagree with this choice. Many people believe that Keenan Allen should have received this award, and there can be a case made that Allen should have been the winner. Allen capped off an impressive rookie season with 1,046 receiving yards and eight touchdowns. Allen also had five games in which he recorded 100 or more receiving yards. Philip Rivers made Allen his go-to guy, and it will be exciting to see what type of connection the duo will have for the 2014 season. It is interesting to note that Allen won the Pepsi NFL Rookie of the Year award, and the voting for this title is done by the fans

The name of Giovani Bernard was thrown in the mix for potential rookie candidates, but his rushing totals were a few hundred yards behind Lacy. Bernard, however, was much more involved in the passing game than Lacy. Bernard had over 500 receiving yards in the 2013 season, and Bernard was able to haul in three receiving touchdowns as well. He was a new weapon for the passing and rushing attack of the Cincinnati Bengals, and Bengal fans were eagerly hoping that the judges would recognize this.

Some of you may still think Allen or Bernard deserved the coveted rookie award, but I want to present you with five reasons why Eddie Lacy deserved to be the 2013 NFL Offensive Rookie of the Year.

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Rushing Performance

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Lacy was an absolute monster on the ground, and he finished the year with 1,178 rushing yards. Lacy also ran for 11 rushing touchdowns.

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Transformed the Offense

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The team from Wisconsin was only known for the aerial attack, but Lacy changed that. Defenses had to plan on how to stop Lacy.

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Returning from a Concussion

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Many young players will have a difficult time recovering from an injury so early in their career, but Lacy was absolutely phenomenal when he returned from his concussion. He is a true competitor.

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Media Scrutiny

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We saw many unflattering pictures of Lacy before the season started, but the coaching staff ensured the media and fans that Lacy was doing fine in his condition drills. This type of scrutiny can damage the already fragile mindset of a rookie, but Lacy quickly quieted all of his critics with his performances. Lacy handled the claims of his weight gain like a professional, and now he gets to enjoy his award.

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Overcame Pressure and Expectations

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After Aaron Rodgers was sidelined for several weeks, Lacy put the team on his back. The way that this rookie was able to help lead his team showed the true talent of Lacy.