Could This Be The Most Exciting Super Bowl Ever?

By kennethbrown
Joe Nicholson – USA TODAY Sports

It’s nearly time for the kick off of Super Bowl XLVIII, in which we will see the Seattle Seahawks take on the Denver Broncos. For the last two weeks, as usual, there has been an immense build up to one of the world’s greatest sporting events. Will veteran Peyton Manning top off his stunning year by winning his second Super Bowl, or will second-year superstar Russell Wilson add more to his fairy tale beginning and win his first Super Bowl?

After the Broncos beat down of the New England Patriots and Seattle’s big win against rivals San Francisco 49ers, everyone has been talking about the huge potential for this game to be the greatest of all time. It will pit the best offensive team (Denver) against the best defensive team (Seattle), but which will prevail?

Seattle has proven almost unstoppable in these last few seasons, but they tend to player far better when home, so the game being played in New York might be a bit of a problem for them. Denver has won in style, but has the odd bad moment. Although it’s unlikely they would have another tonight, a few slip ups could prove pivotal in their chase to become this years Super Bowl winners.

Whether you’re in a crowded bar, at home with your friends, or recording it for an early morning viewing, it’s sure to be a great encounter between two terrific teams. Whoever wins will have truly deserved it and it won’t be considered a fluke. For once, we have the best two teams going head-to-head, and both teams will take an enormous amount of credit from this game, but who will be lifting the trophy when it’s all said and done?

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