Jim Miller Voting For Tom Brady For The 2013 MVP Was Incorrect

By Justin Patrick
Stew Milne – USA TODAY Sports

I’m a die hard New England Patriots fan and an admittedly huge homer, but I disagree with former Pittsburgh Steelers and Chicago Bears QB Jim Miller. Peyton Manning was named the NFL 2013 MVP, getting 49 of the 50 votes. The only person who did not vote for Manning was Miller, who voted for Tom Brady.

I am an enormous fan of  Brady and I truly believe Brady is better than Manning, and even if Manning and the Denver Broncos beat the Seattle Seahawks and hoist the Lombardi Trophy on Sunday, my opinion on this will not change. That being said, Manning should have been unanimous choice for MVP.

When speaking with the Denver Post Miller said the following:

“It pains me because Peyton had such a historic season,” Miller told the Post. “He is the offensive player of the year, no question. But having played the position, when I looked at who had the most value to his team, I thought Tom Brady carried that team, the same way Adrian Peterson carried Minnesota [Vikings] last year.”

I understand what Miller is trying to say because Brady certainly had fewer weapons at the skill positions to work with than Manning did; no one would question that. But I doubt that just any QB could have taken the Broncos to the Super Bowl this season, as Peyton has done. Peyton set multiple records this season — passing yards (5,477), touchdowns (55) and points scored (606). Brady had a really impressive year, helping the Patriots reach the AFC Championship game with less talent at the skill positions, but Brady threw for 1,000 fewer yards (4,343) and 30 fewer touchdowns (25) than Peyton.

Was Miller trying to bring attention to himself by being the lone dissenter to not vote for Manning? If so, mission accomplished, Miller. It’s a shame the attention is being taken off of the incredible season Manning had and far too much focus is being put on Miller now. Was Miller (Brady’s backup in the Patriots’ 2004 Super Bowl winning season) trying to ensure that Brady remained the only unanimous MVP winner (2010)? If so, that’s bush league. As a side note, Brady should have also been the unanimous winner in 2007 when Brett Favre received one vote. Maybe it’s fitting that neither Brady nor Manning were unanimously selected as the MVP in their historic season, but it still feels wrong.

I know Miller and everyone is allowed to have their opinion, but my opinion is that Miller is wrong. Some people are saying Miller should no longer be able to vote for the MVP. That is crazy. Miller was clearly incorrect to not vote for Manning, but let’s get a hold of ourselves.

As a huge Brady and Patriots fan, it was painful to write this article and I think we can assume the Patriots would not have made it to the AFC Championship game without Brady at QB and the Broncos would not be playing in the Super Bowl without Manning, but Peyton had the better season.

I love that Brady is still the only unanimous MVP winner, but Peyton should have been the unanimous MVP choice this season, and that’s coming from a life long Patriots fan and someone who staunchly believes Brady is better than Manning.

Even when you don’t think they will be, Brady and Manning remain inextricably linked.

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