Super Bowl 2014: Peyton Manning is Still Greatest of All-Time Even After Loss


Kevin C. Cox

You heard it all week long, folks. If Peyton Manning loses Super Bowl XLVIII, will it tarnish his legacy? How would a loss affect his legacy among the all-time  great quarterbacks?

Well, the Denver Broncos were absolutely torched by the Seattle Seahawks in Sunday’s big game and Manning dropped to 1-2 in Super Bowls. But, mark my words — he is still the greatest quarterback to ever play in the National Football League.

Manning has all the accolades he needs to be the best quarterback of all-time. He has a record five NFL MVP awards. He’s won a Super Bowl ring. He owns the records for most passing yards and most passing touchdowns in a single season, and this year’s Denver offense broke a record seemingly every week of the season — of course, you’re thinking “duh, that’s regular season buddy.”

Okay, let’s talk playoffs, shall we?

Manning joins just five quarterbacks to ever play in 20 postseason games, according to Pro Football Reference: Tom Brady, Steve Young, Brett Favre, Joe Montana and John Elway. Out of all of those quarterbacks — who have the most playoff experience in NFL history – Manning has the highest postseason completion percentage, highest amount of yards per game and second-lowest interception rate.

Sure, Manning now has 12 playoff losses compared to his 11 wins — so what? He’s played the third-most postseason games in the history of the league! Chances are, the more games you play, the more games you’ll lose when it’s all said and done — am I right? With Brady playing three more games in the playoffs than Manning, it is Manning who owns those records I previously stated.

Look, if we’re talking rings here, then Joe Flacco and Trent Dilfer may as well be on the same level as Manning. If we’re talking rings here, then Tyronn Lue had a better career than Chris Paul has had up to this point. If you are judging solely on rings and rings alone, you are a fool — there’s no other way to put it. Manning is the greatest quarterback of all-time, regardless of what happened in Super Bowl XLVIII.

Deal with it.

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  • Josh Dhani

    Totally agree with this. Just sad that people are so clueless when it comes to judging a player, as they solely go off rings. Digging into the stats and everything, Manning is No. 1 on mostly everything. GOAT

  • bleedcoltsblue

    This is the dumbest fricking thing I have read in my entire life. The man with the most playoff losses in HISTORY and ONE Super Bowl Championship is greater than Montana, Elway, Brady, Unitas, or even Bradshaw?

    Last night, Peyton Manning and his record breaking (primarily because of his purposeful stat chasing) offense had the ball with the score 0-5, 0-8, and 0-15. This means Manning had several chances to keep his team in the game. What he did instead, was to throw TWO terrible INTs and otherwise look useless.

    This guy calls his own plays and has been on the losing end of several playoff games where his team passed too much, ignored the run, and was done in by his ineffectiveness. With that knowledge in hand, (and an 18 million dollar salary) Manning walked into the game and like the movie Ground Hog’s Day repeated his same mistake yet again.

    The Broncos ran the ball 14 times last night if you count a no-gain from Manning against 49 pass attempts. How in the HELL was that game plan supposed to work against the SeaHawks who are way better against the pass than they are against the run. In fact, who throws the ball 40 plus times in a cold weather playoff game against a top Defense AND WINS???? It was the same story in the playoff losses against New England and San Diego and the Jets in his Colts tenure. It’s like the guy never learns.

    Brady has lost a few Conference Championships and Super Bowls since his last SB win. This has sort of reeled back that ‘Greatest of All Time’ talk that he had swirling around him before that 2nd loss to the Giants. Manning, however has been losing since the beginning and only won a Super Bowl because his defense and running game did ALL the heavy lifting.

    Greatest of all time? Nah. I’d take Eli over him in a playoff game ANY DAY.

  • Scott

    Yeah, gotta agree with the last poster. Ome of the dumbest arguments ever.

    He doesn’t touch Elway or Montana. You really need to watch these guys play (games are essy to find) and stop obsessing about Peyton’s stats….he’s not a winner. He chokes.

    Elway got 3 really Average Denver teams to the super bowl. When he had a couple good ones, he won. Montana won 4 in an era of dominant teams like the Giants, Skims and Bears.

    Peyton pissed himself vs the Saints and beat an average Bears team in the Super Bowl. Peyton will always be a regular season numbers guy.