The Super Bowl Is No Holiday For Peyton Manning

By Carter Roane
Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY Sports

You can’t deny it, even if you are not an NFL football fan of any sort.

The fact of the matter is that the Super Bowl has very much become an unofficial national holiday. If you do happen to work on the weekends, getting that Sunday off is a must. Super Bowl parties are happening everywhere and like Thanksgiving, at some point you are lying on the couch wondering why you ate so much. For some people, even if they don’t follow football, they will at least watch the commercials faithfully. Face it, it’s a holiday for most of us. However, it is anything but for one participant in particular, Peyton Manning of the Denver Broncos.

Manning is without question one of the best all-time quarterbacks to ever play the game and statistically, he may have had the finest season ever for anyone at that position; he also just won his fifth MVP. Those numbers don’t lie. However, as weird as this may sound, he still seems to be considered underrated when he is compared to a player like Tom Brady. Manning could use a Super Bowl win to cement his position as one of, if not the greatest quarterback ever with no arguments.

Think of John Elway. He is also one of the all-time best quarterbacks ever, but it wasn’t until he got that Super Bowl win that people really started fully mentioning him in the greatest quarterbacks ever conversation. It shouldn’t always have to be that way. Many athletes have had legendary careers and never won a championship, but unfortunately, some success is measured in that manner. The bizarre thing is that Manning has won a championship but to his critics, that isn’t enough and sometimes it almost appears to be forgotten, like it was some sort of fluke. Brady has won more, even Manning’s little brother, Eli Manning , has two. This is what I mean about being underrated, even as great as Manning is.

It would be awesome for those critics to realize that they are watching the best ever and have them shut up once and for all. Manning is a no doubt about it, first ballot Hall of Famer and it is time for him to get recognized and respected for how great he is. I hope he goes out there, beats the Seattle Seahawks, and clinches his place in NFL history. Then he should go and eat some of the pizza that he promotes and enjoy a job well done.

Better ingredients, better pizza, best quarterback ever — Peyton Manning.

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