10 Takeaways From Super Bowl XLVIII

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10 Takeaways From Super Bowl XLVIII

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There was a lot of build up surrounding this particular Super Bowl featuring the best offense against the best defense. The stingy, ball-hawking Seattle Seahawks' secondary was going against the No. 1 offense in NFL history with Peyton Manning at the helm.

Let's just say it fell short of expectations. The Seahawks dominated this game from jump street. Maybe the writing was on the wall when on the first play with a high snap that sailed over Peyton Manning's head and gifted the Seahawks two points.

It only got uglier and uglier from there for the Denver Broncos. Manning frankly had one of the worst performances of his career and that includes his rookie season. The weather was no factor, yet he was still inaccurate, erratic and off target all night.

The Broncos' offensive line didn't do him any favors, but a veteran quarterback shouldn't look like a deer lost in headlights. All of the greatest ever talk should firmly be put on the back burner now.

On the other side of the coin, the Seahawks are for real. All that talk that the days of great defense are extinct was silenced after last night. We are witnessing a special unit on that side of the ball, and this team is a force to be reckoned with.

While the game didn't live up to the immense hype and wasn't the nail biter we have seen in years past, it put into focus a team that has arrived and isn't going anywhere. It also exposed another team that may have been overrated playing in the weaker AFC.

Let's look at 10 takeaways from Super Bowl XLVIII.

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10. Seattle Seahawks' Defense Is For Real

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The Seattle Seahawks put forth one of the great defensive efforts in Super Bowl history. They stifled the Broncos' receivers, they made Peyton Manning's life miserable and most importantly they forced turnovers. The Seahawks' defense nearly single-handedly won this Super Bowl.

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9. Percy Harvin Was The Difference For The Seahawks On Offense

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The return of Percy Harvin was monstrous for the Seattle Seahawks. His explosive presence in the return game and in the backfield helped the Seahawks thrive on offense which was enough to bury the Broncos.

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8. Richard Sherman Backed Up His Talk

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Richard Sherman talked all week long leading up to the Super Bowl, and his play backed his mouth up. Sherman may not have had a game-changing turnover, but he shut down his side of the field and made Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos miserable in the passing game.

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7. Peyton Manning's Ultimate Legacy Took A Major Hit

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Peyton Manning had a chance to cement himself among the greatest ever at the quarterback position, but he failed. Manning looked lost for most of four quarters and his ultimate legacy took a major hit.

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6. Denver Broncos' Passing Game Was Utterly Useless

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The Denver Broncos could get nothing going in the passing game. Besides the fact that Peyton Manning was being harassed for much of the evening, the receivers simply could not get open off the line of scrimmage. Guys like Richard Sherman, Kam Chancellor and Earl Thomas made life miserable for the Broncos' receiving corps.

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5. Seahawks Prove That Defense Still Wins Championships

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Apparently defense still does win championships. In a day and age where offense rules the Seahawks are the rare team that still has an elite defense. The defense totally carried the Seahawks to their first world championship.

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4. Moment Proved Not To Be Too Big For Russell Wilson

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Russell Wilson got the nerves and butterflies out early. After that he looked calm, cool and collected while he made every play he needed to along with zero mistakes. It led to the Seahawks hoisting the Super Bowl trophy in Wilson's second year as starting quarterback.

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3. Pete Carroll Is A Heck Of A Football Coach

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Pete Carroll joined elite company after his Super Bowl victory as he became just the third head coach in history to win a championship in college and in the pros. Carroll has instilled a hard-nosed culture in Seattle, and he and this team aren't going anywhere.

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2. Where Do Peyton Manning And The Denver Broncos Go From Here?

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Peyton Manning faces a lot of looming questions about his future. Is he done? If the doctors advise him that his neck problems have re-surfaced will he hang it up? Also what does this mean for the Broncos and their search for a quarterback? There are a ton of unresolved issues for both Manning and the Broncos in the offseason.

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1. This Could Be The Start Of A Dynasty For The Seattle Seahawks

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This could be the start of a dynasty for the Seattle Seahawks. They have a heck of head coach, a solid young quarterback, a power running game and most importantly a dominant defense. This has the makings of an NFC and NFL powerhouse for years to come.