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10 Things We Learned From Seattle Seahawks’ Super Bowl 2014 Win

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10 Things We Learned From Seattle Seahawks' Super Bowl 2014 Win

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Super Bowl XLVIII had a large amount of hype surrounding it. Most Super Bowls are hyped up immensely, but this game was a little bit different. For a long time, it was pretty clear to many that the Denver Broncos and Seattle Seahawks were best teams of the 2013 NFL season. Both teams were no. 1 seeds. The Broncos had the no. 1 offense, and the Seahawks had the no. 1 defense. It seemed like Super Bowl XLVIII was destined to be one of the best Super Bowls in history. Unfortunately, it didn't pan out that way.

We have been truly spoiled to have seen many great Super Bowls over the last decade. Sadly, Super Bowl XLVIII was a throwback to the 1980s. For most of the 80s, Super Bowl games were not a lot of fun, and many of them ended in a blowout. Much like those 80s Super Bowls, the NFC team annihilated the AFC team in Super Bowl XLVIII. Broncos team president John Elway was a part of three of those lopsided Super Bowl losses as the Broncos' quarterback.

Luck was on Seattle's side from the start. The Broncos botched a snap on the very first play of the game, leading to a safety for the Seahawks. Denver turned the football over four times. The Seahawks returned an interception for a touchdown and returned a kickoff for a touchdown. Seattle won the game 43-8.

The city of Seattle deserves this championship. This is the Seahawks' first Super Bowl victory, and this is also the first time Seattle has won a championship in a major professional sports league since 1979.

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10. The Number 12 is a Good Omen For Seahawks

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Seattle has its 12th man, and the number 12 proved to be lucky for the Seahawks in the Super Bowl. A safety was scored by the Seahawks 12 seconds after the game started, and the team scored on a kickoff return 12 seconds into the second half.

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9. Peyton Manning's Deep Ball Passing Was Anything But Accurate

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Every time Peyton Manning tossed a long ball, it didn't look pretty. It didn't appear as though he had any confidence when attempting a pass of 20 yards or more. In fact, he ended up 0-for-5 on passing attempts of 20 yards or more.

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8. Percy Harvin's Contract Doesn't Seem So Absurd Anymore

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Percy Harvin finally displayed his worth to the Seahawks in Super Bowl XLVIII. Harvin returned a kickoff for a touchdown and had a run of 30 yards.

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7. Champ Bailey Should Retire

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Champ Bailey was burned badly by Seahawks receiver Doug Baldwin on a play that led to a 37-yard reception. Bailey was beaten so badly that Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson just had to lob the ball to Baldwin. That kind of play isn't out of the norm for Bailey over the last two seasons, as he has declined quite a bit. Bailey is going to be 36-years-old soon; it's time for him to hang it up.

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6. John Fox Failed His Team

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Firstly, punting while being down by 29 points signifies giving up, and the Broncos failed to make any in-game adjustments. Broncos head coach John Fox is now 0-2 in Super Bowl games.

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5. Seahawks Have Potential To Repeat

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The Seahawks are in danger of losing some of their players to free agency, but most of their star players are under contract for 2014. It's hard to believe that Seattle won't be a favorite to win the Super Bowl next year.

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4. Seahawks Defensive Line Was A Huge Factor

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The Seahawks blitzed very few times, but still got pressure on Manning. Seattle got in Manning's head. Seahawks defensive end Cliff Avril pressure led to Manning's first interception. Moreover, defensive end Chris Clemons recorded a sack and forced fumble.

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3. AFC Is Very Bad

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The NFC was markedly better than the AFC in 2013, and the Seahawks proved that at the Super Bowl. Looking forward to the 2014 season and further into the future, it definitely seems like the NFC will be the better conference for quite a while.

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2. 2013-14 Seahawks Defense Will Go Down As One Of The Best Defenses Ever

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The Seahawks defense is the best we've seen since the 2000 Baltimore Ravens. Seattle's defense allowed the fewest yards in the league in 2013. Also, this unit was the only defense to have an average of yards allowed per game that was under 300 yards. Furthermore, when this defense played the best offense in the league, which was Denver, it only gave up eight points. The saying is still true — defense wins championships.

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1. Russell Wilson Deserves A Lot Of Resepect

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Yes, the Seahawks defense thwarted Manning and the Broncos' offense. But let's not forget that Wilson deserves credit. Do not liken this to the 2000 Ravens, a Super Bowl-winning team that had a subpar quarterback and an amazing defense. Wilson didn't have to do a great deal in the Super Bowl, but he excelled at the very little he had to do. He completed 72 percent of his passes and threw two touchdowns. Wilson is quickly climbing up the ladder of quarterbacks.