10 Things You Wish You Could Forget About Super Bowl 2014

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10 Things You Wish You Could Forget About Super Bowl XLVIII

Super Bowl
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Unless you are a fan of the Seattle Seahawks, Super Bowl XLVIII was a massive disappointment. In fact, I have to say there was not any enjoyable moment during the contest. Of course, the food was great and drinking with my friends was a good time, but as far as the actual game is concerned, it was flat out depressing.

I consider myself a football enthusiast on Super Bowl Sunday. Sure, I enjoy watching the commercials and the halftime show, but I’m a football fan who wants to watch a good game above anything else. Unfortunately, the Super Bowl in 2014 failed to live up to the hype.

It was proclaimed to be an “instant classic” by the NFL commissioner himself, Roger Goodell. Many speculated it would go down as one of the greatest games ever, especially since it featured the league’s top offense versus the top defense. It had great characters and sportsmen that advertisers love to see in the big game. However, the game’s biggest names turned out to be non-factors.

Peyton Manning, Richard Sherman, Marshawn Lynch and Knowshon Moreno were nearly invisible, or at least they did not live up to the hype. Manning even set a Super Bowl record with 34 passing completions and it still did not make the game more exciting. It was a performance 99 percent of us did not see coming, which makes it that much worse.

Check out the ensuing slideshow to see 10 things you wish you could forget about Super Bowl 2014 between the Seahawks and the Denver Broncos.

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10. Commercials

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Apparently, the companies that made the commercials decided to collectively make the Super Bowl television spots more serious and heartwarming than funny. That’s the only explanation for the lack of commercials containing any kind of humor whatsoever. Sure, there were a couple of commercials that were amusing, but I challenge anyone to convince me they actually laughed out loud.

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9. Collapse of Peyton Manning

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Nobody outside of Seattle wanted to see the collapse of quarterback Manning occur in the biggest game on the planet. It was painful to watch the signal caller not have enough time in the pocket and constantly be under pressure. It was even worse that he failed to really make any significant throw when he was given some time to make something happen. Manning’s performance was downright hard to watch.

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8. Final Score

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The Seahawks defeating the Broncos by a score of 48-3 is one of the biggest things about the Super Bowl fans will want to forget. Denver’s high-flying offense that put up historic numbers was shutout three out of the four quarters.

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7. Halftime Show

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After a horrific first half that saw the Broncos losing 22-0, many watching the big game were hopeful that the halftime show would be able to shine some light on the regrettable event. Unfortunately, the halftime show was nearly as big of a dud as the game itself.

It’s not as if Bruno Mars was terrible. The truth is he was as good as everyone imagined he would be. One of the biggest issues was that Bruno Mars and his band weren’t given enough space to work with. They are a group that thrives off being able to utilize space, but they weren’t able to do that on the small stage. Even worse was how the Red Hot Chili Peppers only performed one song. The fact is they drew the biggest cheer from the crowd and they are certainly a band most people would have loved to see more of.

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6. Peyton Manning Legacy Talk

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There was so much talk about Manning’s legacy leading up to the game that it truly got annoying towards the end of the week. It’s something that we all, including Manning, would like to forget about. Everyone knew that regardless of what happened in the Super Bowl, Manning would go down as one of the best ever. In my opinion, the blowout loss doesn’t tarnish his reputation, especially since the defeat came at the hands of arguably the best defense ever assembled.

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5. Type of Game

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The type of game we were all hoping for was the No. 1 offense against the No. 1 defense. Unfortunately, that never happened. Denver’s offense never took flight, while Seattle took advantage of every mistake that occurred. Also, it was unfortunate that Lynch never went “Beast Mode.” The fans got a Super Bowl that they never thought they would, which will go down as a big regret for the people outside of Denver and Seattle.

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4. Denver’s Lack of Preparation

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There have been stories coming out about how John Fox didn’t believe crowd noise would be a factor, which is why he turned down the speakers at practice during the week. Obviously, crowd noise was a huge factor throughout the contest.

The lack of preparation for the Broncos continued when all of their passes were dump-offs in the middle of the field where the Seahawks defenders were waiting to lay the hurt on the Broncos wide receivers. There’s no way the best defense in the league is going to miss that when even the people at home watching the game on television could see it coming a mile away. Denver should have known Seattle would be sitting on those routes.

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3. Sight of Broncos Giving Up

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It was quite clear the game was over by halftime. Not because of the 22-0 score, but because the Broncos players had the look of men who had already given up hope. Every time a camera would pan over players sitting on the bench, the players had the most depressing looks on their faces I had ever seen.

On top of that, Fox’s play calling basically signaled to the rest of us that it was over. Punting on fourth down, running it in the second half and not operating the no-huddle offense at a quick enough pace were all clues that the fans were not about to witness an epic comeback. In fact, it was just the opposite as an epic meltdown took place.

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2. Richard Sherman Getting Hurt

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Sherman had to be helped off the field on two separate occasions towards the end of the game, with the second one being the dagger. The cornerback suffered a high ankle sprain in the fourth quarter, which is something nobody wanted to see with the game all but over. It was tough to watch a fiery player lay on the field in agonizing pain in the biggest game of his life.

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1. Four Hours Spent Watching

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By far the biggest regret or thing all of us wish we could forget about Super Bowl XLVIII is the four hours spent in front of the television. The commercials sucked, the halftime show was average at best and the game was a blowout. It was by far the worst Super Bowl that I can remember and I’ve been watching them for over two and a half decades.