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5 Players Who Could Lose Their Jobs After Super Bowl Letdown

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Denver Broncos: Saying Goodbye is Never Easy

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It takes years of building a team to reach a Super Bowl, and that same team will normally look completely different by the start of the next season. The Denver Broncos were hoping that they would be able to win the Super Bowl with the current team that they had created, but the Broncos will have to spend the next few months forming a new identity.

Change is an inevitable part of football. You cannot stay competitive with the same players on your roster each season, and a team has to constantly evolve in order to be successful. The Baltimore Ravens are a perfect example of a team that had to release players that helped to make the team champions. Anquan Boldin was one of the most consistent wide receivers on the Ravens, and you could easily see how Joe Flacco struggled without the exceptional hands of Boldin in 2013. Even though Boldin was a key component to the success of the Ravens, his age and monetary requests were issues for Baltimore.

The talents of the modern-day NFL player can unfortunately be overshadowed by their monetary requirements. Some players can strike a deal that benefits the team and the player, but the majority of players will only accept a certain level of compensation for their talents. Sometimes a player will take a cut in their pay because of their belief in the team, but you will find that this is normally not the standard operation of NFL athletes.

Even though Denver had a very talented team in 2013, the Broncos are going to have to release players in order to meet salary cap requirements, find free agents and develop the younger players. The dreams of the entire Denver organization were shattered on Super Bowl Sunday, and here are five players who could lose their jobs because of the Super Bowl letdown.

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5. Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie

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Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie seemed to be reinvigorated playing for the Broncos, but the cornerback may not return to Denver because of the money owed to Champ Bailey. Rodgers-Cromartie failed to make any big plays on defense in the Super Bowl.

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4. Zane Beadles

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Even though Zane Beadles made the Pro Bowl in 2012, many analysts considered him one of the weaker players protecting Peyton Manning in 2013. The Broncos may not be able to offer Beadles a big new contract.

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3. Wesley Woodyard

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Wesley Woodyard appeared to be a rising star for the Broncos, but he had a hard time recovering from a regular season injury. His one solo tackle in the Super Bowl did not improve his chances of re-signing to Denver.

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2. Eric Decker

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Eric Decker was one of the biggest beneficiaries of his elite quarterback in 2013. With several younger and more talented receivers set to return next year, the Broncos will most likely limit their efforts in attempting to keep Decker. After his one reception in the Super Bowl, expect to see Decker in a new uniform in 2014.

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1. Knowshon Moreno

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Knowshon Moreno helped get the Broncos to the Super Bowl, but the suits in Denver will evaluate whether it is worth to keeping him around. The Broncos drafted Montee Ball as the future running back of the team, and there just may not be room for both running backs in 2014. Moreno had a chance to make a big statement in the Super Bowl, but his 17 rushing yards did not help the Broncos.