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5 Reasons Why Peyton Manning Deserved the 2013 Offensive Player of the Year

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Peyton Manning Was Deserving of 2013 Offensive Player of the Year Award

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Think of the best season ever by a quarterback prior to 2013. Maybe you're thinking of the 2007 New England Patriots and Tom Brady. Maybe Dan Marino and the Miami Dolphins in 1984 comes to your mind. Other candidates to for greatest quarterback season of all time are Drew Brees and Aaron Rodgers in 2011 and Peyton Manning in 2006.

I've got news for you: None of those seasons were quite as great as Manning's 2013 season with the Denver Broncos. Manning did great things for the Broncos this season despite losing to the Seattle Seahawks in the Super Bowl. For people bashing Manning's legacy, you're flat out wrong. People that critique his legacy are simply looking for something to complain about. He's still a Hall of Fame quarterback with a Super Bowl win and three Super Bowl appearances. He has several NFL records as well.

Sometimes, instead of criticizing the player that loses, take some time to look at the other side of the field. The Seahawks' defense in 2013 was one of the best in the past few decades. In 2013, the Seahawks' defense allowed just 172 passing yards per game in a time where quarterbacks dominate the league. So, yes, Manning didn't play particularly well in the Super Bowl, but not many quarterbacks did against the Seahawks this season.

Instead of bashing Manning's legacy and trying endlessly to rank his career against some of the greatest quarterbacks of all time, let's appreciate the great season he had in 2013, shall we? The man hasn't even retired yet; there is still some legacy left to be written.

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5. Spreading the Wealth

Spreading the Wealth
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Instead of staying locked on to one or two receivers all season, Peyton Manning spread the ball around to all his guys. Demaryius Thomas caught 14 touchdowns, Erik Decker caught 11, Wes Welker caught 10 and Julius Thomas caught 12 of his own.

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4. Touchdown Record

Touchdown Record
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Peyton Manning obliterated the previous touchdown record (Tom Brady, 50 touchdowns) by throwing 55 of his own.

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3. Passing Yards Record

Passing Yards Record
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Drew Brees was the owner of the previous passing yards record with 5,746 yards. Peyton Manning passed for 5,747 yards in 2013 -- one more yard than Brees in 2011.

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2. Several Other Quarterback Records

Several Other Quarterback Records
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Peyton Manning shattered the record books in 2013. Along with the touchdowns and the passing yards records, Manning also set records for most four-touchdown passing games, most two-touchdown passing games, most 400-yard passing games and most games with a passer rating of higher than 90.

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1. Quarterback on Best AFC Team

Quarterback on Best AFC Team
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Like it or not, quarterbacks, like pitchers in MLB, are judged by winning games. In 2013, Peyton Manning was the best at winning games in the AFC with a 13-3 record.