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5 Reasons Why Peyton Manning Will Never Win Another Super Bowl

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5 Reasons Peyton Will Never Win Agains

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Peyton Manning is coming off quite possibly the worst game of his illustrious career. The worst part about it is it happened in the most watched Super Bowl of all time. The Seattle Seahawks held Manning to eight points while causing four turnovers. They got a safety on the first play from scrimmage. They showed that the best defense is much better than the best offense.

Is it fair to judge Manning one day after the worst loss of his career? A bigger question to ask is, was this Manning's last shot in his career to win a Super Bowl? That is the question that is going to get tackled here. He is 37 years old with a major injury that has hurt lives let alone careers. His time is running out and quickly. He has played 240 games in his career. He has been hit plenty of times and eventually it is just going to be time for him to hang up his cleats.

If that time is not this season, then there is a good chance he could be a favorite again next season. This blowout loss could be motivation to come back and be even better.

This article will be the pessimistic side to this argument. This is looking as to why Peyton Manning will never sniff another Super Bowl title. His legacy in the biggest game of the year will end with one of the biggest blowouts in history. His career is too late for redemption. Here are five reasons why.

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His Neck

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This one is the obvious one. Manning is going to see a doctor this offseason to check out how his neck is doing. This is the same neck that has endure four surgeries in a calendar year. If the doctor says it isn't in good shape, Peyton Manning will never play in the NFL again. That will sorely hurt his chances to win a Super Bowl. This kind of injury isn't like a torn ACL or a broken hand, this is something that will always be a concern. Eventually, this will end his career. It could be sooner rather than later.

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A Hard 2014 Schedule

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This upcoming year will not be easy for the Broncos thanks to the schedule. On top of playing the AFC West twice, which consisted of two playoff teams, they also have to play the New England Patriots and the rest of the AFC East and then the NFC West. The NFC West is be the best division in all of football, and it isn't close. Their extra games are against the Cincinnati Bengals and Indianapolis Colts. In all, the Broncos and Manning will play nine of their 16 games against playoff teams. I haven't checked, but I can't see any other team in the NFL having a harder schedule than that. It will be hard to keep the entire team off the IR with that schedule.

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Lost Offensive Pieces In The Offseason

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There are 16 players who are set to become free agents on the Broncos this offseason. One of them is one of Manning's favorite receivers Eric Decker. With the logjam at the position there is a good shot he is going to be playing for someone else. Knowshon Moreno stepped up, finally, for the Broncos this season. Unfortunately, they drafted his replacement in Montee Ball last year. Despite his one yard in the Super Bowl, he is most likely the future here. There is a good chance he could also lose his offensive guard Zane Beadles. With the salary cap situation where it is, don't expect much of an upgrade.

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An Improved AFC

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With the way the AFC went in 2013, there are plenty of teams that aren't happy. The Patriots went into the AFC Championship game with most of the defensive stars on the injured reserve list. The Pittsburgh Steelers will look to improve on a big run at the end of the year. The Baltimore Ravens cannot stay down for long. The young Bengals can only get better. The Houston Texans may turn it back around, especially with picks at the top of the draft. The Colts and Andrew Luck will get better. On top of whatever teams may surprise us all, the AFC will not be as bad as it was this season.

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History In The Playoffs

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After yesterday's performance, it is hard to talk about Peyton's play and not think about his other playoff performances. He is now under .500 in his career in the playoffs. Is the notion that he isn't clutch real? It is hard to dispute, even if he does have a Super Bowl to his name. He did beat Tom Brady on his way to the big game, but everyone is going to point to his poor performance there as to why he will never again be able to call himself champion.