Man Who Claims He Was Shot By Aaron Hernandez Gets Shot Again; Bad Luck or Choices?

By Andrew Fisher
Aaron Hernandez
(Pool Photo/USA Today Sports)

Remember the man who claimed that Aaron Hernandez shot him in the face last year? Yeah, well, he’s at it again. Except this time, there’s actual proof that he’s been hit with bullets.

The man’s name is Alexander Bradley. He was apparently shot in the right thigh multiple times after trouble broke out at a Hartford, CT bar on Sunday night. It’s unclear what exactly led to the shooting, but Bradley is apparently the only one who was hit.

“Evidence revealed there was a disturbance in the club that was pushed outside by staff. At this point, Bradley was shot. Bradley went to a vehicle, got a gun, then shot up the front of the club,” said police Lt. Brian Foley.

Bradley was hospitalized, but he’s expected to make a full recovery.

The big side note here is that even though Bradley was suing Hernandez for costing him the sight in this right eye, he was also a known associate of the former TE. Bradley is the man who police suspect was with Hernandez back in the summer of 2012 when a drive-by shooting took place in Boston. Reports indicate that police suspect that either Bradley or Hernandez pulled the trigger in those shootings, which left two people dead. But at this time, no charges have officially been filed, likely because evidence is still being gathered and put together.

So who knows if Bradley is telling the truth about being shot by Hernandez? All I know for sure is that he needs to make better life choices. He’s getting shot on way too regular of a basis.


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