Oakland Raiders Rumors: Team To Pursue Matt Schaub?

By Andrew Fisher
Matt Schaub
USA Today Sports

The Houston Texans had a terrible season in 2013. With their sights set on an AFC title and a trip to the Super Bowl, the Texans absolutely fell apart after a 2-0 start to finish 2-14. A big reason why? The play of quarterback Matt Schaub.

Because of his lackluster performances in 2013, it’s expected that the Texans will cut Schaub here in a few weeks. If they don’t, it would be absolutely shocking. But even though he played poorly in 2013, it’s also a near guarantee that some other team in need of depth at QB will pick him up. That team could be the Oakland Raiders, according to football personality Len Pasquarelli.

With the Raiders QB situation still very much in the air, management must feel that adding another QB to the mix is the best way to proceed this offseason. Oakland already has Terrelle Pryor and Matt McGloin vying for the starting QB spot, but both players are far from proven. Schaub could probably beat them out for the starting gig in Oakland, but would it make the team that much better? I don’t think so.

I’m still interested to see what the Raiders do in the draft. They hold the No. 5 pick and it’s still very possible that they’ll take a QB with that spot. But given these rumors about Schaub, it makes you think that they’ll go in a different direction. Schaub could act as a filler QB for a season as the team rebuilds in other areas. The Raiders are clearly a couple years away from legitimately competing in the AFC, so maybe Schaub can bridge the gap to next year’s draft where the Raiders figure to once again have a top 10 pick. Or maybe he’ll completely turn his career around in Oakland? You never know, but if I had to bet, I’d bet that we’re having this exact same conversation about the Raiders QB situation next year.


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