Seattle Seahawks' Super Bowl Win Will Change Mindset of NFL GMs

By Devin O'Barr
Seattle Seahawks
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For years, one of the most popular phrases in the NFL has been “Offense wins games, but defense wins championships.” In fact, this very saying has been echoed in the game of basketball as well. Either way, Super Bowl XLVIII proved the age-old football proverb to be true as the Seattle Seahawks‘ historically stingy defense managed to keep the Peyton Manning-led to a mere eight points.

Seattle’s secondary was believed by some to be the best group to ever step foot on a football field and the “Legion of Boom” didn’t just happen on accident. The Seahawks made a stout commitment to be a defense-first team with an overall balanced attack on offense. While that approach may sound brilliant now that Pete Carroll‘s team is world champions; Seattle’s “old school” style of play isn’t exactly the norm in a league that is built around big-arm quarterbacks.

Two teams undergoing a transition from defense-first to offense-first are the Baltimore Ravens and Chicago Bears. Interestingly enough, both teams took a step in the wrong direction in 2013 despite making a more devoted effort to their money-making quarterbacks and the passing game in particular.

So as the 2014 NFL Draft nears be sure to listen closely when NFL general managers speak, because I can almost guarantee that each one is starting to take a deeper look at their team’s defense — not the offense.

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