Shirtless Seattle Seahawks GM Rocks WWE Title Belt After Super Bowl Win

By Andrew Fisher
John Schneider-
USA Today Sports

John Schneider has worked hard as the Seattle Seahawks GM. He’s put together a Super Bowl champion roster and it looks like this could just be the beginning of great things in Seattle. The nucleus of the Seahawks roster is very young and talk of a potential dynasty is not crazy.

But for now, the Seahawks are just enjoying the moment by celebrating, and it appears Schneider really let himself go after the big win. Check out this photo which was posted by Earl Thomas on Instagram, and then was taken down almost immediately:

Seahawks WWE belt

I wonder why it was taken down so quickly?

As ridiculous as this photo is, I’m not going to knock  Schneider. First of all, the guy is walking around without a shirt in dress pants. Secondly, he’s rocking a WWE title belt. Clearly, he’s a guy that doesn’t mess around. He just won the Super Bowl — he doesn’t care what anyone thinks.

The WWE title belt has now become a tradition in many sports. For whatever reason, players want to feel like a pro wrestling champion after winning in a different sport (a real sport). I guess it’s probably because title belts are so cool. The NFL doesn’t have them and WWE has the most popular ones, so why not take a page out of their book?

I think teams should start customizing their own belts, but hey, Vince McMahon surely appreciates the free advertising.


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