Super Bowl XLVIII: Peyton Manning Still One of the Best Despite Loss

By David Miller
Peyton Manning
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It is never a fun thing when a hero seems to not come through in a big game. When the Denver Broncos were demolished in Super Bowl XLVIII, it was very easy to think of Peyton Manning as being to blame. No matter how disappointing that was for the Broncos, Manning and their fans, it doesn’t have to all fall directly on the shoulders of Manning that the Broncos lost.

You have heard or read it by now. Manning is being called a choke artist and all manner of things to describe his failure to win the Super Bowl. What is forgotten in times like that however is just how amazing of a season it takes to even get to the big game of the NFL. Too many times the number of Super Bowls that a quarterback wins is what is used to determine their level of greatness.

Nothing at all bad against Ben Roethlisberger but does the fact that he has won more Super Bowl’s actually make him better than Manning? I think the answer to that is pretty obvious. He has a Super Bowl win and an MVP to go along with it. If that is required to cement his legacy as one of the best in the game then he already has it.

The game against the Seattle Seahawks was such that he and his team, remember he isn’t by himself out there, would have had to be perfect to come back. He wasn’t perfect and neither was the rest of the team. All of that considered, they were still the second best team at the end of the season.

For Manning and his career, can we not act like he has to retire or go live on a desert isle now because the Broncos got smashed in the big game? He is an instant Hall of Famer and one of the very best quarterbacks in the history of planet Earth. This loss will be a tiny dent in his incredible legacy, not something to bring it crashing down.

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