Super Bowl XLVIII Was A Huge Disappointment

By Sarah Woodall
Super Bowl
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The Seattle Seahawks proved once again that the phrase “defense wins championships” could never be too cliche as they stunned Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos in blowout fashion to win Super Bowl XLVIII on Feb. 2.

Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll has now officially become the third coach in NFL history to win both an NCAA football National Championship and a Super Bowl in his coaching career, while quarterback Russell Wilson justified his reason of choosing football over baseball, becoming one of the youngest QBs to win a Super Bowl.

Sadly, the Broncos are now 0-4 in the Super Bowl when wearing orange jerseys. I guess this team forgot to pay attention in school when the teacher explained that history does tend to repeat itself.

However, aside from the fact Seattle captured its first Lombardi Trophy in franchise history to be the feel-good story of the year, I feel like I can speak for all of the avid football fans when I say that this year’s Super Bowl was a huge disappointment.

For the first time in years, this game saw the NFL’s two best teams, one featuring a future Hall-of-Fame quarterback with an explosive offense, and the other featuring that fearless defense that could talk the talk and walk the walk. This game was projected by some, including myself, to be one of the best games in the history of the Super Bowl. Instead, it couldn’t even deliver a decent commercial.

Seriously, no one could have predicted how badly the Broncos played last night. The same team to score an NFL-best 658 points in the 2013 regular season could only put up eight points. Manning also seemed to be all out of “Omahas” as well. This game was supposed to be an epic 12-round boxing match between the two no. 1s, with the majority of experts predicting a slightly higher scoring, but close game.

According to ESPN, The Broncos’ offense was projected to score at least 20 points. Even NFL Network analyst Steve Mariucci predicted Manning to beat Kurt Warner‘s record of most passing yards in a Super Bowl. Instead, this Broncos team was an embarrassment on both sides of the ball.

Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate a good defensive performance, but when it comes to the Super Bowl, the game of all games, no one wants to watch a one-sided contest unless you are a member of the 12th Man. At least the halftime show with Bruno Mars and the Red Hot Chili Peppers was entertaining.

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