Super Bowl XLVIII Was Perfect for Kansas City Chiefs Fans

By Aaron Charles
John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports

Hatred can motivate a fanbase almost as much as love can, and last night’s Super Bowl was a perfect example of that. According to, no other city in the country, not even Denver or Seattle, had a higher household rating than Kansas City who came in with a mark of 58.1.

Seattle was second in the nation coming in with 56.7, and Denver was tenth with 51.4. Denver typically has a strong NFL market, but something about last night’s game must have made them lose interest pretty fast.

It seems petty to gain so much satisfaction from another team losing, but that is how rivalries work. If the Kansas City Chiefs had made the Super Bowl, Denver Broncos‘ fans would definitely be rooting hard against them.

In a more compassionate world, Chiefs fans would be empathetic to Denver and their fans as both teams had incredibly gut-wrenching ends to the season, but this is football. It’s a violent sport that depends on hatred to drive fan interest.

There is no doubt a large section of the Broncos fanbase got a chuckle out of the Chiefs blowing a 28-point second-half lead to the Indianapolis Colts in the Wild Card Round, so there is no reason for Kansas City fans to feel bad about getting pleasure from their pain. Obviously the Broncos had a better season than the Chiefs, but Kansas City definitely had some fun last night.

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