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5 Potential 1st-Round Scenarios for the Washington Redskins in 2014 NFL Draft

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Five First-Round Scenarios for the Washington Redskins

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The 2014 NFL Draft is May 8-10 and is fast approaching. Since we are several months away, that makes now the perfect time to start breaking down draft day scenarios, right?

Of course! Nothing is more fun than breaking down draft day and sometimes that means thinking of outrageous things that could actually happen. If there’s one thing that sports has always taught us, it’s that nothing is impossible. (I believe it was Kevin Garnett who taught us that anything is possible!)

For the Washington Redskins, they don’t have a first-round draft pick this year. They traded that pick to the St. Louis Rams long ago in exchange for the pick that brought them Robert Griffin III. St. Louis now has the second and 13th overall selections in this year’s draft, so they surely are going to have a nice haul.

Washington won’t select until the second round of the draft. Or will they? The fun thing about the draft is not so much who the teams select, but how and when they select them. Draft-day trades are some of the most intense things to follow because they happen so fast. Teams only have but a few minutes to either make a trade or make a pick, so it’s a telephone frenzy to try to get the right deal done.

On the following five slides, you’ll find five possible things that could happen for the Washington Redskins in the first round of the 2014 NFL Draft this coming May. For Jay Gruden, his first draft with the Washington Redskins could end up being a very busy one.

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5. Nothing

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Obviously, it’s hard for the Redskins to do much since they don’t have a first round pick this year. Thanks to the Robert Griffin III trade, the St. Louis Rams now have the second overall pick that would have belonged to Washington after their 3-13 season. Instead, Jay Gruden won’t make his first selection as a head coach until the second round.

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4. Trade Up, Then Back Down

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Suppose the Redskins do make their way back into the first round via trade. They could then take that pick and use it to trade back down in the draft. They could swing a deal that would give them another first-round pick, just lower down in the order, as well as some mid-to-late round selections. For the Redskins, the more picks the merrier and they could make several deals on the first night to load their pockets with draft picks on days two and three.

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3. Trade With the Titans

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The Tennessee Titans have Jake Locker, but he’s a walking bruise and is not the quarterback of the future in Tennessee. Is it possible that they’ll take Kirk Cousins and the Redskins’ second-round pick in exchange for the 11th overall? Well, miraculous things have been known to happen in Music City.

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2. Trade With the Vikings

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It’s no secret that the Minnesota Vikings need a quarterback, so yet again the Redskins could dangle Kirk Cousins out there as bait. Most believe that they’ll go quarterback, but if they feel that they could trade back and still land a quality passer, could Washington create a three-team trade to put them back in the first round? That would be a crazy draft-day deal.

Think this deal is a long shot? The new head coach of the Vikings, Mike Zimmer, worked along side of Jay Gruden when they were the offensive and defensive coordinators in Cincinnati. It could happen.

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1. Trade With the Browns

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The Cleveland Browns are an interesting team for the Redskins this coming draft. Thanks to the trade that sent Trent Richardson to Indianapolis, they now have two picks (fourth and 26th). Cleveland needs a quarterback and running back. Could Washington put together a deal that gives them Roy Helu Jr. and/or Kirk Cousins in return for that 26th overall pick?

Do you think this is an unlikely deal? Kyle Shanahan is now the offensive coordinator for the Browns. The Shanahans and Cousins always got along well. Just saying…