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5 Potential First-Round Scenarios for the Buffalo Bills in 2014 NFL Draft

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5 Potential First-Round Scenarios For Buffalo Bills

Mario Williams
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It is yet another year where the Buffalo Bills have a top 10 draft pick due to a miserable regular season. The Bills have not made the playoffs since 1999 when the “Music City Miracle” proved that if it can go wrong in the playoffs then it will happen to the Buffalo Bills.

The 2014 draft is a time when the Bills can start filling in the gaps that the team has and start looking more towards the future. The problem is that the Bills have more gaps to fill than the Titanic after it hit the iceberg. There is still a lot of speculation about who the Bills will take in the first-round, mostly because the team is not done signing its current free agents yet.

The Buffalo Bills have the No. 9 overall pick in the 2014 draft, and it is a safe bet to say that the team has plenty of options to explore with that premium pick. The first few slots of the draft are dicey because no one is sure how the top talent will really pan out. But the No. 9 pick is a safe one because there are some good players who would be worth the money that would come to a player picked that high.

Should the Bills draft a new quarterback? Should the Bills draft to bring in players who will fit the defensive scheme of new defensive coordinator Jim Schwartz? No matter what the Bills decide to do with the No. 9 overall pick, the team is bound to leave some fans scratching their heads and wondering about the future of the team.

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5. Trade The Pick Away

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Every team with a top 10 draft pick tries to address the most pressing concerns on offense or defense. It could be that the Bills don’t need any more high-priced rookies in their lineup. Maybe the Bills should trade the No. 9 overall pick away for one or two experienced offensive linemen or a wide receiver who can run along with Stevie Johnson and create a real deep threat. When you think about it, trading away the No. 9 overall pick really isn't a bad idea.

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4. Khalil Mack - OLB/DE - University of Buffalo Bulls

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The Bills could go with a local product and draft defensive end Khalil Mack from the University at Buffalo Bulls. The problem is that Mack is more of a linebacker than he is a defensive lineman, and the Bills are pretty stacked at linebacker. Still, Mack has the speed and football intelligence that could make him a very formidable presence standing next to linebacker Kiko Alonso. The Bills have plenty of pass rushers, but they can always use another run stopper.

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3. Justin Gilbert - CB - Oklahoma State

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It looks more and more like the Buffalo Bills will lose free safety Jairus Byrd in free agency. Justin Gilbert of the Oklahoma State Cowboys is a cornerback by trade, but he is also a ball hawk who can help shut down the opposing team’s passing game. Byrd built his reputation on being able to pick off any quarterback in the NFL, and there is no reason why Justin Gilbert couldn't do the same thing.

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2. Sammy Watkins - WR - Clemson

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There is no getting around it – the Buffalo Bills need depth at wide receiver. Actually, it seems like all the Bills have at wide receiver is depth with second and third-stringers. The team lacks a competent No. 2 receiver who can burn down the sidelines and take the pressure off Stevie Johnson. Sammy Watkins of Clemson University has that kind of speed, and he is a tough receiver as well. He can play across the middle if needed and help the Bills to stretch the field.

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1. Teddy Bridgewater - QB - Louisville

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If the rumors are true, then quarterback Johnny Manziel will not be available by the time the Bills pick at No. 9. But that may work to the Bills’ advantage as most people think that Teddy Bridgewater of the Louisville Cardinals is more prepared to make the jump to the NFL. Should the Bills give up on E.J. Manuel after only one season? Manuel has had three knee surgeries already and he is looking like a bust in the NFL. If the Bills want to draft the quarterback of the future then Bridgewater could be their choice.