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5 Ways Seattle Seahawks Fans Should Enjoy The Super Bowl Win

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Seattle Seahawks: 5 Ways Fans Should Enjoy the Super Bowl Win

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It's a dream come true for fans of the Seattle Seahawks -- they finally won the Super Bowl! It's their first time winning the championship, but not the first time getting to the big game itself. Seven years, ago the Seahawks played the Pittsburg Steelers in Super Bowl XL, but lost 21-10 in Detroit. It was a blow to the team and fans alike, but they would get what they wanted in years to come.

Super Bowl XLVIII was significantly different than the Seahawks' last Super Bowl experience. Not only did they win this time, but they beat the Denver Broncos by a wide margin: 43-8. Wow. It was a slaughter in MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford, New Jersey. The Broncos just didn't play their best while the Seahawks did. There was no stopping them, and the Seahawks played a game to be proud of. They earned the respect they hoped for by playing a great game and winning.

So, now it is time to enjoy Seattle's win. Seahawks fans have had a few days to settle back into their normal life (boring), but that doesn't mean they should stop celebrating. It will be a whole year until another team is crowned Super Bowl champion — that is if the Seahawks don't take the title again next year. There are plenty of ways fans can go about reliving the moment and reminding all their friends that their team in the best team. Here are a few to try out and enjoy, because everything is more fun knowing your team is the Super Bowl champion.

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5. They Should Drink Some Coffee

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Seahawks fans are probably still feeling the effects from some intense celebrating. It's a great thrill to have you team win, and winning the most important game in American sports just means that much more. Seattle has a lot to offer; not only is it now the football city of champions, but it also has the most famous coffee. Starbucks started out in Seattle right across Pikes Place Market. So, grab a hot cup of Starbucks coffee and warm up as you remember what an amazing team the Seahawks are.

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4. They Should Eat Some Nachos

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Thought the Super Bowl party food was over? It's not. Everybody loves nachos, and Seahawks fans now have more of a reason to eat up. Not to mention, Seattle punter Jon Ryan offered to buy everyone 7-11 nachos as he continues to enjoy his team's win. So eat like a champion does and have some nachos.

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3. They Should Go to Disneyland

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It's cliche, but it's cliche for a reason. All athletes say they want to go to Disneyland after winning a championship, and some even do. Disney World held a parade and Super Bowl MVP Malcolm Smith rode alongside Mickey. So, why not go down to Disneyland and continue celebrating because there is so much to be happy about?

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2. If It's Tuesday, They Should Eat Some Burgers

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Even more junk food? Yes. But this time, Red Robin is going to give you one for free. Every Tuesday in February, Red Robin is giving away free Red Tavern burgers with the purchase of two beverages and any burger, entree or entree salad. So, it's not completely free, but still pretty great. Enjoy a burger with some friends and remember what team brought you there.

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1. They Should Get a Tattoo


Seattle Seahawks super fan Tim Connors got a Seahawks tattoo to celebrate the champions before they even won. What? Connors posted his tattoo on Aug. 5 2013, seven months before the Seahawks even played the game. He's not seen as a prophet, but rather a fool. Seahawks fans can now follow in his lead and confidently get a tattoo to show their love for their team.