Golden Tate Celebrated Super Bowl Win With $100K Bottle of Champagne

By Andrew Fisher
Golden Tate
USA Today Sports

Winning the Super Bowl can be a once in a lifetime thing. The Seattle Seahawks are certainly hoping that’s not the case with them, but in the meantime, they’re living it up following their destruction of the Denver Broncos on Sunday. One player who was really living large following the game? Golden Tate.

Check out this picture of Tate and $100,000 bottle of champagne. That’s right, $100k:

Golden Tate

Now that’s some fine champagne!

This bottle was provided by Armand de Brignac. This is how they describe themselves on Twitter: ‘Armand de Brignac Champagne exemplifies unmatched winemaking expertise and a true passion for the art of Champagne.’

I wasn’t aware that there was an ‘art’ to champagne, but I’ll give them credit for making a fancy bottle…

As for the Seahawks, you really have to like their chances of repeating next season. Most of the players on their roster will return and their trademark defense will still be in place. As long as the Legion of Boom is around, Pete Carroll is on the sidelines and Russell Wilson is under center, the Seahawks are going to be in contention.

You hate to look too far down the road, but a dynasty in Seattle is not out of the question. Of all the teams in the league right now, the Seahawks have the best chance of winning multiple championships. It’s incredibly tough to repeat, but it won’t be the least bit surprising if they make it back to the top in the next couple of years.


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