Main Reason Seattle Seahawks Won Super Bowl As Told By Richard Sherman

By Michael Terrill
Main Reason Seattle Seahawks Won Super Bowl As Told By Richard Sherman
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The Seattle Seahawks put forth one of the most dominate performances ever witnessed in Super Bowl history when they annihilated the Denver Broncos 43-8 at MetLife Stadium. So, how were the Seahawks able to have their way with the Broncos on defense? Look no further than cornerback Richard Sherman’s explanation of the game.

“All we did was play situational football,” Sherman told during one of the Seahawks’ postgame victory parties. “We knew what route concepts they liked on different downs, so we jumped all the routes. Then we figured out the hand signals for a few of the route audibles in the first half.”

That’s right. One of the most talented defenses in recent memory, and some would argue of all-time, played five-time NFL MVP Peyton Manning like a fiddle. The players and coaches figured out what no other team in 2013 could and that clearly was the difference in the contest.

It’s no secret that Denver liked to dump the ball off to Eric Decker or Wes Welker on crossing routes in order to pick up yardage in an unexpected way. However, the Broncos never saw those plays find success because the Seahawk defenders consistently broke off their routes to make a big play. This was something that was seen time after time in the Super Bowl and now we know why.

“Me, Earl, Kam … we’re not just three All-Pro players. We’re three All-Pro minds,” Sherman added. “Now, if Peyton had thrown in some double moves, if he had gone out of character, we could’ve been exposed.”

Seattle’s defensive players hit hard, create turnovers and rarely allow a tackle slip through their hands. But, the fact that their intelligence might just be their best asset makes them an unbelievably dangerous bunch. This is a unit that will strike fear in the hearts of opponents for years to come.

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